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normies are pretty much only concerned with their immediate circle and they rarely think about anything else, so they rarely end up thinking or talking about things that are interesting.

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Bitching often comes from a place of people trying to assert their own values.

Often when someone tries to make out someone else is bad for doing X what they are really saying is they are good for doing the opposite or not doing X.

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(makes a post talking shit about others)

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Idk man, I see you spend a lot of time talking shit about normalfags, foids, etc, it's even the topic of this post. In fact that seems to be the main topic of discussion here. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it makes your criticism of forming groups that bitch about others seem a bit strange

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That's kinda obvious I won't talk about NLP project that I did or some struggles at uni there. Whenever I spend time with my incel friend, or someone at uni with whom I can talk, I never discuss such things, neither I talk shit about others. I specifically meant social situations, not some obscure internet forum