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If you have a pullup bar at home, then you can work every muscle in your body with just pullups pushups, and squats. Pullups work your biceps, posterior delts, and back - pushups work chest, abs, triceps, and anterior delts - and squats work every single muscle in your legs. You can also add in crunches, or flutter kicks as a fourth exercise for your abs. for the pullups you want to do a nuetral grip pullup ideally because that wont neglect your back or biceps: this is a great video on pullups you should watch: the squats will need to be weighted to be challenging. This is a small enough number of exercises that you can fit it into a full body single day split. the only problems is that this full body split neglects lateral delts which youd need a lift like shoulder press or lateral raise to work, but its a minor flaw in a pretty good workout split. hopefully that helps you get back into shape

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You can sort your diet first then build up exercise as you lose weight. Running is the cheapest. Do couch to 5k.

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Just fuck the fatties while you still can you lard ass.

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it's a great workout

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The gym is not your only answer and you know it. Do better for yourself.

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That's karma biting you in the ass.