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Maybe a better option is to go on walkabout and write a book about it.

A lot of people done very well out of that.

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This sounds like its more about economic privilege and class than race to me. There are white people from poor families in similar financial situations to you, and black people like the Obama girls who have all the privilege in the world, but I'll grant statistically that black people are more likely to lack economic privilege than many other ethnic groups, but its correlation, not causation. Economic inequality can affect people from any race.

Your situation sounds like it really sucks, I experienced burnout in college too, and have struggled with depression since I was young, although I was fortunate enough to have more family support, I wish I had some magic advice to give you. I can't say I usually understand poetry very well, but it sounds like you've put a lot of yourself into these poems you've written, and I'd be happy to read em, although I'm certainly not an expert, maybe some other users would appreciate them too

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The fact that I am relatively economically secure now keeps me coping as an incel. That kind of stress would break me.

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"The only thing i ever wanted to do in life was become a poet. I can't even tell people about writing poetry without getting hit with "oh ok, that's nice" or just immediately having the topic change. "

Dude, that's common. That's the standard response every artist gets when their art isn't paying a living wage. You're supposed to just ignore it. It's that typical.

And really your poetry is needed to keep you going. Without that interest its just drudgery work.

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Yep, very few people make a living doing what they love.

Rather most just see their job as funding for their actual interests.

Maybe work out how much money you actually need to do the things you enjoy.

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You got gaslighted already lol