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It's because I'm blackpilled that I don't hate women. They have standards which they're entitled to, and I don't make the cut. Simple as that.

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I never understood incels who think like you. Do you actually recognise yourself as unnattractive at all? If you do than why would you be mad at other people seeing what you see? I know I'm subhuman, and when women see it, it would be like hating them for agreeing with me. Which makes zero sense.

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I don't mind hot chicks avoiding ugly niggas what pisses me off is our looksmatches thinking that they're above us just cuz chad will hit it an quit it

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We literally have nothing to offer them. Looks? No. Money? They have their own these days. Friendship? They have their own friends and pets. Being pissed off only eats you up inside. Women don't care, Mainstream society doesn't care.

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Some people are so naive or have a genuine form of retardation in which they cannot cope about the idea that toilets are capable of evil and are evil which is ridiculous. In a lot of case women tend to do more evil than men, such as toilets are more likely to initiate domestic violence than men. They give shitty excuses to keep their cancerous worldview alive and deflect any responsibility to a toilet's actions so that they can be in women's good graces and be able to get her roasty beef flaps as a reward, Since they are brainwashed to put toilets on a pedestal as being "good natured" and think they will be rewarded for their white-knighting.

If they did admit that toilets are capable of evil their world view will crumble, as they have to come to the realization that toilets do not view men as people that women are capable of "loving" but as utilities to be used abused and thrown away like garbage, and the so called "love" that they get from the person they desire are just rewards for remaining currently useful and not for being who they are.

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Same reason lawyers and bankers don't think their job is evil. They depend on "payment" from women, not in money, but something they need much more.

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The what? What's WQ?

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woman question

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What's the "woman question?"

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"Do you have a penis?"

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What's a woman?