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If you have paid for a ugly hooker(as you said, I would puke) then you are retarded.

If you pay for regular hookers, I'm fine with that and you would be incel. But you would say you paid for it square one

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See, there is some kind of spectrum. Even guys who get laid can fit in, or fight for, or empathize with your community. Just because you don’t like them, or what they have to say, doesn’t mean they don’t count.

This is just like when blacks are republicans or gays are republican. Or gays don’t like trannies.

They are still apart of the group, the liberals just treat them like shit now.

Are you liberal?

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Even guys who get laid can fit in

No they can't.

Fight for

For what? Foids are retarded because they are biologically predestined to be retarded and choose chads. Nothing to fight for except removing their rights.

Empathize with your community

Who gives a fuck about empathy? I am not some gay nigga who needs patting on my back.

Are you liberal?


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I am already missing braincels, he would have been banned in a second