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Bro just go to Mexico and piss away all your money on hookers and cocaine. Fuck the dumb shit.

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The efficient way. The hookers would even let you hug them!

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Exactly, these men don’t want to fuck women. They want to complain, like women, about being virgins. They won’t bite the bullet and fuck a ugly chick.

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I've been just getting into PUA and I can't believe how stupid I was for thinking that just because I was ugly and short or old meant that I can't have sex with beautiful girls

Good for you for being proactive. I'm not a fan of how redpillers/PUA view women, I think it's pretty douchey, but their techniques are solid.

I'm going to shave my head and wear sunglasses and sit in the back of the class

I strongly advise against that. I remember those guys at parties and in college classes when I was young, they come off as desperate creepy old dudes. It'll backfire. Instead I suggest playing up your age, acting stoic, dressing fatherly, and let the chicks with daddy issues come to you. Young and cool ain't gonna work, and you'd be in competition with guys in prime shape, but you have something the pimply faced college don't, your age, maturity, worldliness. Or if you don't, act like you do anyways.

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let the chicks with daddy issues come to you

I was gonna comment this but you beat me to it.

Young and cool ain't gonna work,

I disagree. If women find out OP is actually 46 while thinking he's 25 or something, they will automatically think he's cool because most zoomers forget 46 year olds exist, let alone 46 year olds in their social circle who talk and act like them. Most 40 year olds like knitting, playing lawn bowls and yelling at kids to get off their lawn. But if they see OP, they would be shocked about how cool and hip and youthful he actually is.

I believe you can still be perceived as youthful at 46, it's just about how you carry yourself.

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Young and cool ain't gonna work,

I disagree

Lets ask all the hot forum babes: u/melodic_programmer, u/jet199, u/greykittenmomma. Maybe they can throw y'all nibbas some panty dropping tips, but sometimes women tell you things they think they should want they really don't.

If women find out OP is actually 46 while thinking he's 25 or something

They're going to know right off the bat, there's no hiding it. And trying to is just going to come off as pathetic. He needs to own being older and more mature.

Let alone 46 year olds in their social circle who talk and act like them

That comes off as desperate and pathetic, like a troon trying to be a woman. Nah, he's gotta trick their hot little college brains by making them think he's got something none of those mere college boys have.

Most 40 year olds like knitting, playing lawn bowls and yelling at kids to get off their lawn

The last two are definitely true, not sure about knitting.

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I think dumb college girls aren't going to want to publicly get with a 46 year old. He should go online and yeah, play up the mature/daddy aspect.

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Lots of girls with daddy issues at college.

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Sure, but most people are too image conscious to hook up with someone twice their age in front of their friends.

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Oh okay lol. I guess I'm just biased because the only case study I have is you. I just remember being shocked when I found out your age, because you talk just LIKE ME, which made it easier for me to connect to you.

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Let the chicks with daddy issues come to you.

This is correct.

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this is probably one of of the fakest post ever.

Ok, the OP is 46? and still a virgin? Yet he shows up here and his first post he is determined to "hang" with college freshman girls and he is going to nail at least five of them in one semester?

first class CRAP POST

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I just fucked an ugly chick with a kid last night. Came I. Her and everything. One of the biggest issues with you guys is that you think your gonna bang a 10. I literally just ducked a 3.

Go get a hooker.

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You should rush TKE (if that's even a thing... I think they just swipe your credit card at most schools) and quietly try to become "that guy who buys underage people beer." Eventually, you can gently parlay that into being "that guy who buys underage chicks beer."

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To be honest, the time when I will need to be genuinely mature, like 30+ is my dead end of suicide. I wouldn't be able to endure the pressure, it's all there now, as people passively agressively wish me finding a partner in a manner like "You will find someone one day hehe even if you don't believe it hehehe". In the age of 30 and above it's unbearable, going anywhere, communicating with anyone, at 23 it's still weird as fuck, but at 30 it's death sentence.

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Have you not seen how woke the student body has become? Your strategy is completely detached from reality.