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We make five key recommendations as a starting point to address threats posed by misogynist incel violence and other forms of male supremacism:

1.Support improved mental health services and access as a social good—but don’t mistake this for a solution to ideological violence.

Beneficial for foids, not helping with inceldom.

2.Provide possible alternatives for intervention programs, and suggest that interventions should draw on examples of programs designed to deal with domestic abuse perpetrators and counter racist violence for specialized counseling.

Beneficial for foids, not helping with inceldom.

3.Avoid interventions that reinforce boys’ and men’s entitlement—collaborations with gender justice organizations can strengthen program design.

Beneficial for foids, not helping with inceldom.

4.Intervene early and through routine systems to prevent movement along a spectrum of dehumanization and misogyny toward violent extremes.

Beneficial for foids, not helping with inceldom.

5.Fund more research and collaborations into male supremacism broadly, and protect researchers’ ability to work in the face of threats and doxing.

Beneficial for foids, not helping with inceldom.

Foids and normalfags want to cure inceldom by removing us from public spots and shuting our mouths, because we are inconviniences in their lifes, because we point out foids whorish tendencies. They don't want us to believe into blackpill, because if we think realistically, it might cause someone else to think realistically. They don't want us to be misogynistic, why exactly? Because it harms us? No - becuase it's bad for foids.

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I don't think this nonsense is beneficial even to women. It's a hilarious totalitarian denial of human nature and reality. Nothing good can come out of this nonsense even for your pets, let alone other human beings.

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It is beneficial to foids.

-Advicing therapies - showing men vulnerabilities

-Deradicalization - obvious, foids don't find it convinient for them that someone hates them

-Prevention systems - same as point above

-More researches on "muh misogyny" - guess who does then, it's almost 100% foids.

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I'm not denying it has some short term benefits to women but c'mon man... Shit like that text is a death of society, which can't be good for women as well as men.

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I mean, of course you are right, however the idea behind that is improving well-being of foids. The fact that it's made by foid and it's retarded doesn't change it.

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Well, we're in agreement then. I suggest you stop talking to this little person who opened the thread. If they're not serious they're a troll, if they're serious they're a brainless SJW/NPC and your arguments will just deflect off their rotten brain.

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Already stopped, either too much trolling or too retarded.

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nobody should allow mysoginist places to stay. maybe if you didn't call women ''foids'' they wouldn't find you repulsive

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nobody should allow mysoginist places to stay.

Why is that? Foids aren't entitled to normal treatment, I will hate them as much as I want. I owe them nothing.

maybe if you didn't call women ''foids'' they wouldn't find you repulsive

Maybe if you wasn't so retarded you would realise that it doesn't matter. Toilets deserve the hatred and I am not planning to stop.

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i don't think women go after mysoginistic men that call them foids and say they aren't entitled to normal treatment, have you thought about that?

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mysoginy is what is keeping incels from getting relationships

so you are angry you can't get away with being sexist unlike the so called ''chads''.


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I did and they go after men like that. It just so happens - they are good looking.

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maybe they just aren't mysoginistic

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Are you able to read retard?

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i don't think women go after mysoginistic men, do you expect women to like you with that attitude?

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Ok you are obvious troll at this point. Kill yourself.

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so are most of the population trolls? i think the majority thinks the same as me

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5 key recommendations

None of which involve funding research into sexbots with advanced AI and artificial wombs. Totally worthless. Give me my nandroid or fuck off.

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I dont see how any of this would help. The list goes: 1. "tell men not to be sexist"2. "Tell men not to be sexist" and 3. Tell men not to be sexist". Isn't that already the entirety of media, academia, and social pressure?

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it's up for incels to change and stop being mysoginists. mysoginy is what is keeping incels from getting relationships

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No. chad can be sexist and easily pull hoes but incels are ugly or short or deformed or hideously disfigured and because of this it is over for us.

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Don't bother, dude. People like this don't actually give a shit. They just wanna beat you over the head with accusations and buzz words cause they get off on feeling superior.

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What did he mean by this?

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He just trolling as you said, probably alt of u/jet199

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so you are angry you can't get away with being sexist unlike the so called ''chads''.

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How retarded you must to be not to understand a single phrase made by people here?

He literally told you, that no amount of your propaganda will change the fact, that chads do whatever they want and foids want to fuck them anyway. In our case it's the opposite - whatever we do, results in repulsion. What do you even offer incels for abandoning misogyny? It's not even one thing which I need or want, however hating foids is making me happier.

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but have you tried treating women like human beings? seems like you never tried to do so

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I did and it was wrong - foids aren't supposed to be treated like human beings. They are unable of most of greater emotions and their views are purely materialistic and animalistic drives.

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why are you in a forum about not getting relationship with women then? unless this forum is about gay men too?

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Because whether I want relationship or not at this point, foids determined I am genetical waste. I hate them and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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that doesn't answer my question

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It's up to foids to change and stop having fantasies of being in a harem.