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I know plenty of ugly and/or fat dudes that have girlfriends or even wives, some of whom are even attractive.

It seems like either your odds are better than you think they are, or there are factors besides your appearance preventing some you from getting laid

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being fat isnt much of a factor in geting a girlfriend, and neither is being ugly if your tall. As for this invisible group of short, ugly, balding indian janitors that are apparently getting laid on the daily I find it funny how Everybody on the internet knows one, but they're no where to be found irl. Maye they dont exist. All of this isnt even to get into the fact that outliers dont disprove general rules.

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As for this invisible group of short, ugly, balding indian janitors that are apparently getting laid on the daily

No, I don't know any of them. The men I am talking about I know from working in software, they have good jobs, and are nice guys, but are unnactractive and dweebish. They aren't pulling hoes like Chad's, but they don't all seem to be incels either.

People like ClownWorld123 seem to be rageaholics with abrasive personalities, so it just makes me wonder if that has something to do with it

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They're probably average as they're not shortcel like me but of course they arent incl if they were in computer science and are raking in the dough lol. It's kind of an important detail to leave out don't you think? Nonetheless hypergamy is so bad they are still failed normies, and nearcels.

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It's kind of an important detail to leave out don't you think?

I left it out because the last time I mentioned money being a factor I was ridiculed and assured by mazurro that this was only relevant in the case of multi-millionaires, and women don't care about a man simply having a good job.

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I work as a risk analyst in one of the biggest companies in the world, my job is interesting, well-paid and I like it. Except that I have lots of other hobbies which I am willing to discuss, but see, not even one foid ever gave a shit. Guys can talk with me a lot about it, foids don't give a fuck if you are a subhuman. Maybe if I was good looking, then you would be right. But still, looks would be main factor then

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My sister worked as a risk analyst. She's a highly risk adverse person. Possibly you are the same which is why you don't take a risk on asking women out or having a relationship which doesn't work out, even just for the learning experience.

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You don't get the idea, that in my case even trying to talk to women is leading me to being insulted. I haven't tried to ask a woman ever, I tried to actually talk to them, interact, yet it ends in the same spot always.

Also, asking then out with my looks is highly risky - I don't want to be imprisoned.

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Brutal pinkpill

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I think when it comes to typical dating you have a point, but I'd think there is a chick somewhere that would appreciate you if she got to know you. I don't think every female in the world is a foid, even if many are. The longest and most fulfilling relationships I have had weren't girls I picked up because they were attracted to me, they were girls I already had friendships with where romantic interest came later.

I'm not trying to invalidate your experiences, I just wonder if it's as hopeless as you think given I've seen guys with girls who in terms of looks are out of their league before

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I am not even a friend material for women and university proven it - many of them were asking me to do stuff, but they didn't even want to talk. It was "Can you do this and that and send me, thanks bye" type of conversation.

Also, I wouldn't want to be with good looking girl, I would like my looksmatch.

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it isnt a ticket into rolling in hoes but like I said theyre failed normies. Btw have you actually seen them with girls. Why do you think they dont "seem" to be incels.

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it isnt a ticket into rolling in hoes

No, I wouldn't go that far, but I do think it is a factor in female mate selection

Why do you think they dont "seem" to be incels.

Maybe some are, I don't know. But some of these dudes have, or have had girlfriends or wives, where I would expect them not to if appearance was absolutely 100% of the selection criteria, and all women would always choose hypergamy with Chad over an unnatractive guy

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there arent ebough chads to go around, but just bc they get married it doesnt change hypergamy. wives still cheat with chad and refuse to have sex with their husbands. As it is in society 40% of men are incel so your anecdotes dont change the empirical fact women only find the top 20% of chads attractive and it doesnt change the fact that no women has ever even considered me.

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Your stats are wrong there. A whole lot of women don't find any men at all attractive.

This is because high testosterone literally makes you more ugly and scary while ideas of attractiveness are based on girlish looks not manliness. But unconsciously they do have an attraction to masculine features which is why you see so many ugly guys with women. The ugliness is actually a pull rather than a turn off. They just have to get to know the guy first so they get over that fear. Immediate visual attraction is a male thing and women simply don't think that way.

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high testosterone literally makes you more ugly and scary

Exactly, fuck it

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Addicted to a fictional victimhood, just like the troons and blue haired wokescolds.

It's the fashion of the age.

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Proceeds to post names of statusmaxxed people with tons of money

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Every time I speak with these guys, I leave salty. Most of these men are not ugly. Lots of them are successful. But They are mean, nasty people. And they take no responsibility for their situation.

Every time I try to talk to them, it’s a huge slap in the face. I haven’t reached out to these people and not left salty. It’s just as bad as trying to talk to a normie redditor.

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Then just leave . I already shower regularly, and exercise. Your advice is nothing new. Im not eternally gratefull to you because your not actually helping like you think you re and your the 1 millionth normie to go to an incel forum and think your God's gift to incel kind because you say "your standards are too high" or something. You come here, start a bluepilled argument and then expect a thank you? Just leave forever if its pissing you off so much

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Where is mods?

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I’m not a normie. Why do you name call when you don’t know me. You are writing me off prior to talking. And I have pretty much been nothing but polite.

I’m not a weeb, but I’m much closer to that than a normie.

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Me calling you a normie isnt me insulting you or writing you off. its simply me accuratly describing your views on women, sexuality and dating, as for the weeb thing, I'm not really sure what your talking about as I never called you a weeb.

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Well. I don’t know what you mean by normie. But I’m not normal.

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I'm not responsible for being born subhuman

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Yeah, I've have had a similar experience here. Frequent insults and verbal abuse when I am being polite. I realize there are non-asshole incels here too, but it isn't hard to imagine why some of them aren't having much luck with the ladies

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    You shouldn't even be allowed to post here to begin with.

    From what I understand this sub was created to get away from your moderation 😂

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    We ceated this sub for all INCELS to be allowed to post. noone wants normies here to argue the blackpill, you should be banned.

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    Let's ban him

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    I haven't broken any of saidit's rules, if you want to arbitrarily ban people for disagreeing with you, you are required to take your sub off s/all. Don't put it there if you don't want any non-incels commenting. If anyone should be banned its CLownWorld for repeatedly dragging the discussion down with name calling, but I'm not gonna cry about it like a little snowflake

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    LOL do you think im the one who put this sub on s/all? noone cares if it is or isnt on s/all

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    Well if you want an echo chamber that gatekeeps anyone who might disagree with you, I recommend ClownWorlds sub that isn't on s/all, as this one is marked as open, and seems to have been created to prevent that very gatekeeping

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    as I said, you are wrong. This sub was created for all incels, not all people.

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    if personality and kindness really mattered then why do womn fall in love with gangsters and serial killers? Besides 99% of us act normal in public. Do you spread full redpills in public, or do you hide them and act normal? It's the same with us.

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    Is you dad a gangster or a serial killer?

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      This sub shit full of liberal degenerates

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      you're incredibly retarded to the point that it's actually funny. women being attracted to dark triad = all relationships in the world throughout time are with dark triad men.

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      I have my serious suspicion that jet might be a foid.

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        You were right all along

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        Bullshit. Blue pillers coming along and starting arguments is a problem, but banning yabbit has nothing to do with that, and besides eternal sunset and opstolen were innocent aswell.

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          Yabbits ban was unjustified. There are examples of him making genuine comments just like there are examples of him making jokes (I.e.

          As for the other two. It’s like how we saw mgtow men are involuntarily celibate dedpite the fact they were divorced. They’re nearcels, so they can’t get a gf or sex at 30 even if years ago a fat girl gave them a pity date. Mazurro is a khhv who posted his stats, so whats your excuse with him.

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            "Didn't you see the comment I linked you insufferable braindead faggot? Fagzurro was venting and your faggot ''brocell'' you defend so much literally mocked him. Cherrypicking a single comment out of the thousands shiposts he made doesn't make him seem less of a faggot. According to your logic I should allow IncelTear trolls just because 1 out of 1000 comments wasn't bad. You are a blind faggot but he got banned not only for shitposting but also constantly mocking me. I am not going to waste my time linking literally 30 comments of that faggot just to prove my point to a blind retard like you."

            He's clearly not mocking him he's just making a joke.

            I already explained why you dumb faggot. He's a tallfag, has countless anecdotes of getting approached by foids, and has disrespected me multiple times behaving like a passive-agressive faggot despite me treating him well , I even contacted him back in reddit when he said he was going to kill himself. And I didn't ban fagzurro I simply think he's a narcissistic mentally ill insufferable faggot and I have no doubt nobody around him in real life likes him because of that.

            And I already explained how in a country like poland with a high average height 5,11 is objectively not tall. 5,11 isnt even tall in america, every women talks about how she wont get with a man unless he's at least 6 foot, let alone in poland where it's the statistical average. Is 5,8 tallfage in america now?

            The vast majority of incels think you are a faggot for even considering putting fakecels in the same category of truecels, your shitty opinion is worth nothing. Even redditors from the most soy-incel subs like IWH would tell you are a retard for even conceiving that idea. Kill yourself you retarded contrarian fag."

            Even back in the old incel forums people really didnt have a problem with blackpilled people who practically never mentioned that they werent virgins the problem was with bluepillers who would come to argue the very premise of the blackpill and braggers who constantly mentioned their lack of celibacy. All of this is an aside from the main point which is that a thriving forum with tens of thousands of people can afford to have stricter moderation that a forum on the brink of death with 10 people at the most. THere you go all your topics annihilated.

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            My grannymaxxing post got 37 replies

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            yeah but this one got 55

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            I know, it knocked me down to #2 somehow.

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            The density of the retardation was so high that it actually developed a gravitational pull and sucked us into it.

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            It was still better than anime.

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            "Just click random 2,048-byte hyperlinks" theory

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            just click it

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            At this point I think they are changing narrative for their sake, not just here but everywhere.

            See how they were saying it's "number game" and how they write to women hundreds of times and like 5% reply and it's perceived as normal. I think that this entire stuff starts to affecting them (actually, the fact that retards like Andrew Tate get attention is a pure fact).

            I think what they want is us approaching women, writing to them to lower their standards because subhuman like me writing to a woman is like insulting them. They see that we don't even bother anymore with trying and foids need to see some men as worse than others - in this case it's no longer us as we aren't even percieved as people to begin with, it's normans at this point.

            This propaganda of "I know a guy who is ugly but has a good job, statusmaxxed..." is just encouraging us to be harmless or rather, not blackpilled - if we remain blackpilled then it's just worse for normies.

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            Ban them!

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            Maybe if we keep posting here, you'll overtake it.

            It's OVER.

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            DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN 61 comments bitch wtf usually we're lucky to get two

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            We’re on a streak considering this and the post before it. But on a serious note this isn’t the kind of attention I wanted the forum to receive