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No I don’t, but maybe someday I’ll buy some. If women can use makeup and nails men can use lifts and wigs tbh.

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inb4, "but the average height in the US is 5ft7, you're perfectly adequate and loveable. no woman would ever height discriminate and if she did, well it was meant to be"

hate to hear it. just because a girl is trash personality wise doesn't mean you don't want to fuck her. dudes on r/tinder be like "you dodged a bullet" and wojack having missed out on a 12/10.

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What the fuck do they feed these white kids? Next generation is going to have seven foot roasties

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I bought them after your recommendation but I can't bring myself to wear them. I'm scared people will notice and mock me

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there was a good guide on r/short.

"Wear them to the grocery store you shop at every weekend? no. Wear them around your campus halfway through your degree? no. Wear them around friends or family? no. Wear them out to one-time festivals or carnivals? yes. Wear them to the club? yes. Wear them on first dates? yes. Wear them to the gas station or a liquor store you visit infrequently? yes"

basically, if you're worried, just go places you don't frequent. I don't care, my boss is a giga stacy and she's 100% noticed my lifts. My roommates have too, my roommates are like 5ft 10 and 6ft 1. The one who's 5ft 10 always does a double take when i'm wearing them because we're the same height after. Wear them while you brush your teeth and practice walking uphill in them. As long as you don't scrape your feet on the ground or walk slightly angled because of the positioning, no one can tell.

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Thanks bro. How long did it take you to get a natural walk?

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What's the point?

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to be respected? every time i walk into a store, nobody moves out of their way for me, nobody holds doors for me. With the shoes on, when im towering over women, suddenly they want to talk and hold doors open and move their carts out of the way. It's basic respect

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Feels very hollow to me. Once those lifts come off, you're nothing to them again.