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They're just temporarily embarrassed Chad's, bro. Annnnny minute now, all that respect will pay off. Then you'll see, smelly misogynist.

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"The reason why there was never a beta uprising in America is because the normie saw himself not as a exploited betabux incel but as a temporarily embarrassed Chad" - Fresh and Fit

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Manshaming has reach such levels that men pretend they don't care for their own rights.

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Lower your standards.

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My standards are on the ground, I am fucking degenerate

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I love women, it's not about being thought of as morally superior. They aren't special needs kids you hang out with to get woke points.

Go on hating women if you want, more women for the rest of us.

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You miss the fact that whether I hate them or not I won't be with one anyway.

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Keep simping. Alpha needs more beta cucks for the cleanup.

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Alpha needs more beta cucks for the cleanup.

I don't need any of you betas, but thanks for the offer.

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What did you just try to say? Couldn't quite catch it trough the sound of guzzling bull cum.

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    It's like you have it in your head you hate oranges, but you never tasted an orange, never held an orange, never made sweet sweet love to an orange. So you've decided to hate oranges and you're never going to have an orange, and that's fine, that's your choice. There's more oranges for the rest of us.

    But oranges are delicious, and people aren't going around pretending they like oranges so people think better of them.

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      I'm trying to help you guys. Incel ideology is a ... It's not even a suboptimal strategy, it's self defeating. It's bad.

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      What if you liked oranges for most of your life despite never tasting one until it finally hit you that those oranges are chad-only?

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      What if you loved oranges and never even tried to eat them because you knew they were only for chads. I did something similar once. I felt like I was going to be forever alone. I gave up and accepted my life of and solitude. Said Fuck it. That life of solitude didn't last long once I stopped caring.

      I didn't have game then and didn't realize women had been showing their interest in me for years. From girls on the playground to teachers to the girl who used to give me backrubs in English class.... Wasn't till later I realized, I just didn't see it. I was my own worst enemy, and I think you guys are too.

      Luckily incels weren't really a thing back then, the web didn't exist back then. That would have fucked me if I fell into the incel trap. Women can pick up on your thoughts and feelings. It's like a Poker read, but it might as well be telepathy. They get those incel vibes and they are not interested.

      There is a psychology and sociology to women, overly simplified they want high value men -- it's imprinted in their biology. Your problem is that you don't see yourself as being a high value man, that lack of confidence shows, and it signals women to avoid you.

      That's why when I accepted being forever alone, when I said Fuck It, the floodgates of women opened. Not caring and confidence are not exactly the same thing, but they're similar enough. I shed that self pity and desperation and went on about my life.

      Everyone wants other people who improve their lives, who add value. You just have to shed negative traits nobody wants around them.

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      The meaning of the word incel has been hijacked and since we are low status we can't claim it back. I've seen one guy call another guy an incel who regularly banged the soy's roommate

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      How absurd.