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If you want to convince one woman that you are a suitable mate, you have to convince them all.

No, you have to get her in a room where other women like you. Thankfully there is more than one room/culture.

One of the many reasons that I want to exterminate modern culture is that I was totally incel in modern culture. Any culture where one is totally incel is one's genetic enemy, and it is in one's genetic interest for such cultures to be exterminated.

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No, all you need is to have a hot girl to be your wing man. Once other girls see you with a girl hotter than them they get interested fast.

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Bullshit, the wing woman won't hide her disgust and other women will read that. No one who hasn't been incel can fully understand how hopeless it is. An incel must try other cultures.

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If every woman on the planet is disgusted by you other cultures won't help.

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What are you talking about? While I couldn't get a date with the most disgusting fat pig in America, I had no problem dating models outside the depraved West. Why? I was in top physical shape, physically attractive, intelligent, successful, etc. Women in modern culture absolutely hate intelligent moral men, that is why they hated me. But outside of the West, I didn't have this issue.

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Because women outside the West see you as a walking paycheck.

Happy to help.

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Even if this were true, at least it would solve incel. But I doubt it is true because because I have never seen female revulsion to intelligence and morality outside of the West. In the West, all highly intelligent men that I knew were incel. Western women prefer moronic scum for reasons explained here, here, and here.

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So this hot FWB girl needs a date to the Van Halen concert on campus at the last minute. Now this girl knows how to "finish the job" so I have no problem returning the favor. We have a good time and later I get well laid. At midnight she bought me a pizza and a 6 pack and went home. The perfect date turns into a 6 pack and a pizza at midnight.

She didn't look at me with disgust. She looked at me with lust.

She was an excellent wingman and I always paid her back with my body.

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I don't know you, so I don't know whether you are stupid or evil or both. But this is what is required to not disgust Western women.

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I once fucked a girl by farting while sitting next to her but back then I had muscles and she liked my blue eyes.

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Public farting could indicate stupidity or evil. So I am sure she was impressed.

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She must have been as she finished the job and stuck around for round two.

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Back in college this girl came up to me at our fraternity's corner in the student center and announced in front of all the people there that she wanted to fuck me like right now. In the next six months I had fucked every single girl that was at that table and a dozen more just off the rumors people spread after the "I want to fuck you incident". When girls see a guy and a girl out together the first thing a lot of girls think is "what does he have to get her?" Yes, it is a thing.

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I think more so women use men to compete with each other.

Getting another women's man makes them feel they've won the best women prize.

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Yes, men are simply easy to catch by any woman with open legs, but the real dynamic motives are psychological power games via conquests without compromising one's self.

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Back when I was in my late 20's and early 30's I loved the 30 wall. We didn't call it that back then but we all knew that women are like dog turds in the yard. The older they get the easier they are too pick up.

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women are a hive mind so what other roasties think they will think