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yeah spectrum is basically worthless, you might as well burn your money instead

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  1. I am thrown off of my internet. I had almst same problem till I called Customer Support and was told it's my modem or router, 2 days later I got the new modem and router and no more issues.

2.Spectrum's Customer Support is stupid. The young lady knew what the problem was and my system is back to 200 Mbps speeds.

3.Spectrum keeps increasing their already beyond expensive bill every single month. When I first got Spectrum it was $44 but 12 months later it went up to $80 just for internet.

4.retarded automated bot. I hate that fucking menu crap, it ask for all the information then when I get a real person I have to repeat all the same information again.

5.Spectrum runs these constant TV commercials on TV every single day. I will never pay for TV, I watch what I like for free.

  1. Spectrum, in some cities, controls the entire city or town. In my town I have Spectrum or ATT.

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Spectrum has a monopoly in my area, so I am just waiting for Starlink. But don't believe that bad service will lead to bankruptcy. The main skill of Spectrum is political corruption to establish monopolistic coverage, and moronic modern scum easily tolerate their horrible service.

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We have municipal gigabit fiber optic internet and cable service that is eating Spectrum, AT&T, Comcast, and other local cable company's lunch. They pretty much beg you to buy their service here and they have been having a price war with each other trying to grasp a few more customers. If you call their customer service line they answer on the first ring and you get a real American.