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ah, yea, im not really sure, i mainly have 1 for decoding ham radio dmr and police apco 25, lol. ik its possible for the rtl sdr to recieve information from a home weather station, its just a matter of knowing what frequency the device(s) transmit on :)

I dont think it would work with a home ai of that type tho, it most likely runs thru your wifi, which operates at 2.4 GHz, or 5.8 GH'z, depending on what router you have. and those frequencies are above what the rtl sdr is designed to receive.

if you wanna monitor weather in some form, you can either make an antenna from a pop can, and monitor one of the meteor weather sattelites with it, or you can buy a home weather station and set your sdr to monitor the outdoor devices recording and transmitting the local weather data to your base