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Re: Wexit (Western provinces of Canada exiting.)

86:59 You know for the unity of this country
87:01 we have the best policy:
87:03 RADICAL DECENTRALIZATION respecting the constitution.
87:07 And i think people out West, if you
87:09 have a government that will respect the
87:11 constitution that will give more
87:13 autonomy to provinces.
87:14 That was the wish of the
87:17 fathers of our constitution
87:19 more than 100 years ago. But
87:22 now, like we said during that
87:24 conversation,
87:25 the federal government is not respecting
87:27 the constitution
87:28 and so we have to go back to the
87:31 constitution.

88:26 We are the
88:29 only party who have a plan to fight
88:31 against the Western nations and for
88:34 a more united country. So I'm encouraging
88:38 people to go and read that speech that I
88:40 just delivered last weekend.
88:42 It's on the website it's called RADICAL
88:45 That's the solution for a more
88:46 prosperous and united country.