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/u/beermeem has been banned for a while (but not permanently) for off-purpose posting.

This comment ("Ok boomer.") is pretty clear evidence that this user is knowingly participating in this sub in a way that is not at all in line with the sub's purpose.

This user has been banned from participating here for a while but not permanently.

Could I try to give this person lots of second chances and carefully coach them about how to participate appropriately? Yes, but I don't want to spend my time and energy doing that. And I don't want to deal with more potential inappropriate participation from them, or allow such participation to interfere with the intended use of the sub. Perhaps in the future this user will become interested in enjoying this sub for the discussions it's meant to facilitate, but in the meantime their inappropriate participation has been removed from the sub.

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I'm not sure this helps. "Practice" makes perfect. Without practice, he'll never get better. You're expecting him to come here perfect already.

As someone said, also with issues, yet insightfully, (paraphrasing:) the purpose of this sub is just the same as what SaidIt is as a whole - thus making this sub moot and redundant.

I'm here because I'm curious to see what this experiment is about.

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I agree in general, but as I tried to explain above, in this case I don't think a user would behave that way if they were trying to use the sub for its intended purpose.

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