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"Average users spend an hour on FB and often check social media before they get out of bed"

I do that and feel absolutely awful about it. But it's part of my job.

People do that voluntarily?!

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I'm curious about your job. What job requires going on Facebook in bed?

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Something that demands low response time.

So first thing I gotta do when I wake up is check for any messages that might have come in while I slept.

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Facebook you feel bad because Facebook is your reality. Everything else in life is fake. TV and movies are fake by definition, and the news is curated spectacle of bad shit happening to people you will never know. But Facebook is nothing but real people you know. In your mind you're a rock star, and the world's problems would be solved if Vladmit Putin called you up and asked you for your advice. You were riding high until you opened Facebook and realized that you are you, and you are not so great, relative to these other real people whom you actually know.

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Just like heroin.