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Cringe. I think it's better to make your own things. A page like this too much comes across as diminishing the things you're down about.

I'm personally grateful that there is a logical, consistent material world, and that I and others are able to practice thinking with logic in order to clarify our understanding of things and clear away the mental garbage that accumulates. I'm also grateful that we are more than just the ability to think logically.

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When I am about to drink water, I feel often very thankful for it and then it tastes soooo damn good. Like, I can even feel the effect on my DNA, as if there would come an echo of my thankfulness from the water waving through my whole self. Powerful stuff.

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9) The money you earn or have ?

14) Living in a free country ?

I'm grateful for SaidIt

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It actually made me feel lighter:

8 - 9 - 10 I'm not so sure about those but "number fifteen" was Burger King's foot lettuce in my head.

And number 30. Being grateful for aging and be dead one day? Hell yeah.