I'm not on Facebook these days.

Sorry to folks who have reached out to me here. I'll catch up one of these days/weeks.

I've been working on https://Projex.Wiki and there is still much to do. It's not ready for a grand opening, but we can do a soft launch and folks may sign up and start using it. Despite not having everything perfect (if ever, as it's a living wiki), it is an extremely powerful tool that we can utilize. Feel free to share this among resistance, alternatives, and solutions groups.

Here is a prototype page for this weekend's rally, and I wrote an important message at the bottom of this page, including links to other Projex.Wiki pages that can explain more of what it's all about.


Among the top priorities we intend to 1) install a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) so you can avoid the wiki-code and edit like a Word document (you should use Libre Office instead), and 2) learn how to work the permissions and privacy settings so that we can feel secure sharing our information, plans, and projects with those we trust and keeping our identities secure from those we don't trust.

At this point, Projex.Wiki is not even 2 weeks old so few people even know it exists, however at this point we must take caustion that right now it is all 100% open and accessible to the entire world until further developments are shared on https://Projex.Wiki/wiki/Main_Page.

Feel free to copypasta this among our trusted groups.

Also, please message me answers about the mysterious flyers/stickers Winton and I found in the woods today. See the Rally link for more details and a photo.

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