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This guy is an idiot.

"The idea that a bunch of billionaires can just swoop in and change the thinking of washington and that will actually work is something I disagree with on principle. The same system that allows them to do that is the same system that allows... [talks about other moneyed interests spending money on the opposite]".

Ok. So you agree that rich people can impact the view washington has. You just validated the point.

By that argument there would be no condition of life in which you would defend yourself.

The idea that you can defend yourself by throwing a punch and it actually resulting in any defense doesn't work in principle. It''s using the same system that allows bullies to be bullies, namely physics. So that same system obviously can't be operated in, in any way that could be any benefit..

The guy is complaining that someone is spending money on anti-war and he has to get on his high horse and explain why that's actually a bad thing.

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Rothschild's Soros is involved, so you know it's a scam.

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Well you know it will benefit the chinese in some way. The US being less involved in every corner of the globe would benefit them. But it would also benefit us.

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and explain why that's actually a bad thing

He actually made a somewhat principled argument, with some reservations. It's not always obvious what to think when your "enemies" appear to be doing what you'd like, except maybe just let them do it.

Kulinski is actually pretty smart for a stinking commie. He's got some truly bad ideas from a Libertarian perspective, but the fact that his ideas are based in at least some principles puts him lightyears above average commie scum in my book.