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It's amazing how many people will believe stories like this though.

Around 50% of the female population of Rotherham is living under the delusion evil manipulate 13 year olds regularly seduce 40 year old inbred, scumbag, married men just for the lulz.

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"Yaser Shohatee, 41".

I wonder whether they sang a 50 Cent song at his birthday party.

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Two officers being accused of raping a teen is unfortunately not an isolated incident in the NYPD. As we reported, Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, both NYPD officers received no jail time for allegedly handcuffing a teenager, placing her in the back of their unmarked police-issued van, while both officers raped her in the back of the van. They said the act was consensual. The teen, however, steadfastly held to her position she’d been raped.

Jesus, please us.