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Poal is absolute garbage. IP2 tried to move to Poal first before choosing Saidit. They were super salty when we tried to use the upvote or downvote arrows, kept advertising nazi stuff on the sub. Banned half the new users from IP2 right away. Were mad we were hosting images with imgur. They manipulated votes. And when I tried to log back in today to comment on a post they made on the IP2 sub there, I couldn't pass their absolutely garbage Captcha system. Look at how toxic it was 2 months ago IP2 would be their instead of here if the experience wasn't so awful. In the newest post on the IP2 sub there they think the saidit sub is deader than the poal sub for some reason lol.

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That place is as barren as the mojave

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Ice Poseidon, is that a user? I think I've interacted with him before, he was nice. But it was on poal so it may have been an imposter idk

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I had a bad experience where AOU lied to me repeatedly about Poal being open source. They are based on an open source project (Phuks/Throat) but Poal's code is not public. Eventually he admitted it. It's silly and evil to causally lie like this.

At least Voat has a little competition.

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Yeah AOU is a turd :P

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He banned me, too. Claimed YouTube posting links and such were "spam."

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Thanks for sharing your experience as Poal is often compared to Saidit. The degree of free speech perception vary from one user to an other. Some people also left Saidit because of what they think about freespeech/abusive mods/whatever...

I personally ended up here because the Saidit interface is translated into my language. Poal doesn't seems to be translated. For me, the question is not focused of free speech, even if I'm glad to see that alt-right posts/comms aren't moderated.

I never liked reddit : it's too big, too populated. It seems you can't follow anything or anybody on big subs. Saidit is my first reddit experience. Sadly, as a reddit clone, Saidit doesn't resolve anything : if it grows too much, the problem will be the same.

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Just use Facebook groups then? Or some people use VK? I personally want to see saidit grow :/

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Use either Facebook owned by a Zionist, or Gab(ai) (deeds to the synagouge) also owned by a Zionist, or Bitchute, unfortunately also owned by a Zionist near MI5 in the UK, or disqus, also owned by a Zionist, or you could try Twitter, also owned by a Zionist, or Poal, which is an odd name becuase there was the Zionist Bolshevik Poal group in Russia. Or try saidit, I don't know.

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)_) Please say syke.

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Is Poal in reference to the Zionist group in Russia?

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Sounds like it.

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The woman must have double D breasts or the admin will remove your post

that's so funny and crazy :-))

i don't like the user interface nor the design, it gets in the way too much. don't have much else to add.

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Is there a reason you need javascript to see the age of a post? Just noticed that the post age appears when you enable javascript on Poal. :P

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People use Js to convert from a proper date to 'time ago' so they don't have to do this busy work on the server ever page load. SaidIt might do it too.

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Ah, makes sense. Still, a date should still be visible even with JS disabled IMO. I don't need to be told it was minutes/hours ago, a date/time would be fine, just how I view my files. :)

I normally browse with SeaMonkey, and NoScript to the max. If I don't see a date, there's no way to tell if it's an old post or new. When I visit Phuks (rarely) for example, i only view the top 1-3 posts, and never pay attention to the older posts assuming they might be old news.

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That's hardcore man, nice

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The woman must have double D breasts

That's terrible. I say double G or bust.

Pun intended. ;-)

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My experience here.

Just another Palestine made by Jews for Reddit users.

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poal is a trump circlejerk

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