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It truly seems so oddly upside down sometimes I feel like I’m in some dystopian parallel universe

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The older I get the more I think that men and women should live segregated lives. Men have always seemed like aliens to me. When I struggled as a young adult to find a compatible male partner I thought I must be particularly unlucky. Now I know the kind of men I am attracted to - gentle, sweet natured, and sensitive - are not exactly plentiful. It might have been better to realize this fact sooner and to have built supportive friendships with women rather than pine after an elusive (male) unicorn. As more and more men retreat into their pornographic fantasies, I hope women start creating new exciting women-only communities. Women very well might find themselves happier and more productive.

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I am one of those rare male unicorns. After following pink pill feminism and fds, I couldn't deny that women are more intelligent then men and are natural leaders. What is a good way for me to connect with women that realize all of this?