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Why don't we feel the centrifugal force of Earth's revolution around the sun?

You don't feel the force of the earth's rotation because it is way too small to notice. The force of the Earth's rotation around the sun would be hundreds of times smaller.

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This is the correct answer. I bit the bullet and calculated it and it is less than 1/100 m/s*s.

Still cool that it means that g in the far side of earth is slightly smaller.

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because it we aren't spinning

fact about the spinning, where it real and they don't like to mention... right now you are traveling faster than the speed of sound

no way our atmosphere would remain stable under such conditions, but whatever, that is why they never talk about it

railroads are level coast to coast in the united states

you will not find the curve anywhere in reality that must be there for the world to be a ball...

seven states are as flat as a pancake

some will say we shouldn't feel the force because it is constant

but that is not true, it would be constant if we went in a straight line, but we are constantly curving in path around the sun

and the same with spinning.. you are always changing trajectory

be like going around the corner in a car... the force never stops and you would always feel it

your inner ear says you are not moving, and it is right

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You are not a smart person.

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Rail roads are not level coast to coast. I have ridden the C and O canal from frostburg MD to Washington DC. And I have ridden small spurts the other way.

The canal is down hill from frostburg to dC and uphill the other way around. The frostburg way, you don’t have to pedal. The bike just glides. The other way, it’s constant peddling on a what appear to be flat path, but you get gassed quickly.

We are spinning. You are wrong.

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Dude 🤦

I like those shows where flat earthers do experiments to prove the earth is flat. Experiments that they came up with. And they, of course, always prove the earth is round, with their own experiments. And yet these freaks still mange to double down, and think of some other crazy reason why their experiment didn't really prove the earth is round. Y'all wild! But you really need to let go of this foolishness.

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you mean like those shows that they point out all the shit i never even thought of an pretend like it is what flatearthers have been pointing out for years, but really it is some bogus made-up bullshit.

do experiments to prove the earth is flat. Experiments that they came up with.

experiments think tanks came up with that your dumbass would believe

the real proofs are listed above and will never be on your shows

the moon lander is smaller than you think, the astroNOT models at the smithsonian are 4 1/2 foot tall to make it look like they could actually fit inside

oh, the list of ballearth fallacies that any flat earther would point out is hilariously avoided.

gryoscope can be setup to spin continuously for over twenty-four hours and never move

WE ARE NOT MOVING and your entire life is a lie propagated by lies learned on youtube

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Lol damn I almost believe you really believe that nonsense

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There is no air resistance and barely any matter in outer space. No speed is too fast for the planet to hold up, unless there's a collision.

The speed around the sun is (almost) constant, you have to remember that there's no up and down in outer space. The planet revolves around its center point due to weak gravity.

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Why don’t you feel like your moving in a car, or in an airplane?

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You tell me, physicist san. My guess is that we are moving in a constant linear velocity for most of the trip and because of friction and seat belts when we aren't.

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You are saying that if you are moving constantly, no jolts, no bumps, you don’t notice it? This is like, moving through space?

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I’m sorry I assumed you were a physicist.

Yes, it is called the principle of relativity. If you travel with a constant linear velocity you can not tell the difference other than looking at the background. But that would be assuming there is no air resistance. But a circular or elliptical motion has a centripetal acceleration, so you would experience psuedo forces. If we do experience them on Earth, which natural phenomenon are caused by them? Rotation of earth explains Coralis forces, but I am asking about revolution.

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I understand what you are saying, only a little bit.

I would have to look all this up:

Principal of Relativity

Makes sense

Circular or Elliptical Motion

I know nothing

Centripetal Acceleration

If it’s one constant speed, why are we accelerating. This doesn’t make sense to me.

pseudo forces

I don’t know anything about this.

which natural phenomenon are cause by them.

I don’t know, I dont know anything about them.

rotation, Coralis forces; asking about revolution

I know nothing.

Here’s what I do know:

We have GPS. We have airplanes. We have cellphones. We have satellite imagery. Why are they lying to us?

I’m happy to have a conversation about these things. I’m willing to keep an open ear. And I know about the glass dome theory. Like the firmament? Or what’s it called, in the Bible?

Feel free to share what you know. I often look stuff up in google and don’t require citations. I love to learn.

But I am very skeptical of flat earth and the dome.

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Since velocity is a vector (has both direction and magnitude) going at constant speed in a circle means you are always changing the direction, hence the velocity. So it is accelerating.

I’m not a flat earther, but the intuition contradicts the math. If we went by intuition we would wonder what holds the atmosphere together.

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Magnetism? Gravity? What does hold in our atmosphere?

This is over my head.

What is your point? Like what are we getting at?

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That your mistake was assuming I am a flat earther because I asked this question.

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That’s fine.

But what are we getting at?

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If it’s one constant speed, why are we accelerating.

It takes a force to either change speed, or change direction. That force causes an acceleration. So even if the speed is the same, there is an acceleration. We call speed + direction "velocity" so any change in velocity (whether the speed, or direction, or both) counts as acceleration.

pseudo forces

I don’t know anything about this.

There are real forces, like friction, gravity, magnetism, tension, pushes and pulls; and then there are pseudo forces. For example, when you are in a car travelling at high speed, and you turn left, you will feel a force pushing you to the right. This is a pseudo force, because it's not real. There is a real force on the car, pushing it to the left (the friction on the tires). The force pushes the car to the left. But people and objects inside the car want to keep travelling in a straight line. So from their perspective, it feels like something is pushing them towards the right side of the car. But that's just an illusion -- its actually that the car is moving to the left while they are moving forward.

Good demonstrations of why centripetal forces are real but centrifugal forces are fictitious or pseudo forces: