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I know it is actually chemistry, but it's energy calculations are close enough to physics.

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This is no news, but don't report me now, because i got my first strike and since it is so hard to make a new account, you know ?

My whole future will be in fear. :-P

Btw: What he does is no real thermite. Getting the metals pure enough, what my reactions produce is completely out of his scope.

You can weld some forms of tungsten alloy with my thermite. Which still makes me kind of proud, because this was like 15 years ago.

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Indeed, the home and kitchen stuff is far worse than the high grade thermite.
I still want to make the paint that is capable of burning through steel.

This sub is also partially educational, or just to fascinate people.
Feel free to post stuff that you think is great, or that might spawn an interesting discussion.

If you have some pictures of your thermite reactions, it would be great if you posted some of your work to /s/chemistry.
Welding tungsten? Sounds great! Did you make heat-resistant burners or something?

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Yeah, it's no "real" welding, i know but it feels like it, because there is a stick of material you use.