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They ain't. You know this. I know this.

Physics are very truthful. They never betray you: You managed to explode a rocket. Physics tell you if you do this one exactly this way again,

it will explode again.

Thatswhy i like them.

I like rules i can trust. I value loyalty.

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She meant "Theoretical Physics", not basic physics.
A lot of theoretical physics is very speculative, like super-string theory.

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When i start fascinating about m-Theory and all the Lie-groups in continous space again that are foldable into 23 dimensions... :)

There still is only one constant that bothers me. It is way to constant and you know it.

It is alpha. Tell her about coincidence.

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That is great stuff. Was introduced to String Theory via Michio Kaku
Did not studied it as deep you it seems.
I wrote an e-mail to him, and got one e-mail back.
Probably made him angry with another e-mail with a very weird question.

About theories:
Often you can have completely different theories/models with the same result.
I noticed that many theories are tested in the same way over and over again,
in some cases with the same subjects or instruments,

Often it seems the strategy of: we found something that works, so let's stick with that.
For example: The theory of Cooper-pairs in super-conductivity. It seems to work.
But is that really the way it works? Do cooper-pairs also live in other places?
Or does it just work for that example?

Now I focus more on tests that might break one or more theories consistently.

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You are so fucking purple. I just put two dolphins on your detail.

You won't drown. In this century. One of them dolphins is very young.

Regarding Cooper-pairs: This doesn't work. I can't prove anything researching pairs.

Still you won't drown. Just go into some water. Tonight, Prove me wrong,

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Still you won't drown. Just go into some water. Tonight, Prove me wrong,

Proof by ordeal. The ancient ways! For Odin!

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See? This is the way.

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