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Applied physics.

I respect her commitment.

It would be great if Bill Gates was similarly committed to his vaccines.

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You are quite the sadist. So both thumps up.

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When you can't afford calibrated crash test dummies, you make your own dummy and dive right in.

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She better have won with commitment like that. Also how tall is she? She looks like she in in 8th grade and 6 ft tall.

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Yeah. And the snow chains. She possibly went into studying physics. Smarter girls size-wise usually hang around on the edges of the bell-curve. This one i observed often myself. :)

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The medical community usually agrees that ten floors to concrete will do.

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Where is your middle-school-grade calculation backing this argument ? She could be catwoman. Possibly even is considering her broken arms and unbroken neck.

Most medical students fail badly in their first test in "Physics For Medicine" and there IS a reason for this. :)

Real men do mathematics. Then you got the physicists raping mathematics for the first time with some bs reality argumentation. What kind of human with at least some imagination gives a fuck about reality, right ? Then you got the engineering and IT students raping it for the second time with some Landau bullshit claiming that every term above O(x³) isn't relevant. So in their world every problem is deterministic and basically locally (which they without any thoughts extend easily to globally) a Galois-reducible polynom. And after that come these ternary sciences like social sciences, business, medicine and law raping it again.

No wonder most medical doctors are basically drug dealers with a degree hanging in their office. No real scientist (except for medicine, obviously) gets his doctor after a mean time of one year of sciencing a little around here and there around the edges of his profession.

No wonder most politicians and lawyers are basically idiots when you take a look what pile of bullshit they most likely studied.

Following this plausible argumentation it is even easy to derive why the world is ruled by jews: Because they most likely believe in every bullshit they are told to believe.

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So you don't think too highly of doctors, lawyers, physicists, and Jews. I will not comment on that but I like your skepticism and attitude. What's the backing for my proclamation? It involves alcohol. Years ago a neighbor of mine was a doctor and a few times he invited me over for a drink or two. Once, the topic came around to jumping: in front of trains, out of windows, whatever. He told me about the ten-floors-to-concrete rule of thumb. But he said it's just a generalization and a bad fall or a well-executed jump from the second floor could also do it. I don't recommend it to anyone and I'll just let nature take its course, probably.

He also told me: we have some of the best doctors in the world in this country, and some of the worst.

Have you ever heard this saying that was no doubt thought up by a physicist? Biologists only talk to chemists and chemists only talk to physicists. Physicists only talk to God. This paragraph was just to round out my comment.

One thing I've learned so far in life is that there are a helluva lot of charlatans in every field I've come in contact with but especially academia.


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I honestly know only two doctors that earned it: One is called Escher and the other one Schwarz. These were the guys that actually taught me a thing or two. Obviously they were rather into real sciencing, so into mathematics rather than hanging their brain away when entering a room.

Which obviously isn't a requirement when you study secondary or ternary sciences like the medical one.

Real humans never stop studying. E.g. i am doing electrical engineering right now even though i am a proven professional in mathematics and geodetics already. Despite me hating their fucked up notation and "always consider the lesser evil"-attidute. When hooking up a circuit. What i really learned in this new science of mine so far is:

You gotta do it the other way around.

Not involving Lagrange, Hamilton even Eulerian angles into a simple rotational problem like this one is can only concur with one assumption:

She never tried the shit she claims to be doing.

Centre of mass calculations suggest she broke her arms elsewhere and this one is photo-shopped.

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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. — Mahatma Gandhi

I think that's what you meant and it distracts from the fact that I know spit about mathematics. I didn't mean that all academics are charlatans but their number is higher than in most fields.

Will read the story again since I hadn't considered that it was faked. She's tall and attractive—no, I don't mean it that way—and tall, attractive people always have an advantage.

Did you mean MC Escher, the artist? No, I expect it was a teacher of yours.

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My Escher is a Swiss professor of mathematics mostly sciencing about evolutionary equations in the time i had him. I didn't follow his work further since i switched universities after doing analysis one, two and three of his. And i went into combinatorics and algebra so i was not that into his flavor of math when i majored.

But at his best times he was the only named German-native scientist in the top 100 of the world.

Teaching-wise he was quite "difficult" because he mostly followed his own books and i still remember him doing serious mistakes when proving the Banach-Tarski-paradox e.g. . But his jokes were quite cool if you could wrap your head around them.

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I can't keep up with the paradoxes but here is a fun math game you may know:

Choose any whole number from 1 up to as high as you want. Multiply your number by 9. Add up the digits of the product (x times 9). If the total of the added digits is a number with two or more digits, add them together until you have a one-digit number. From that number, subtract 4. Now convert the number to a letter. For example, 1=A, 2=B, etc. So now you have a letter. Think of an animal, a mammal, with an English name that begins with that letter. Now go to the next letter of the alphabet. For example, if your animal was bear then the next letter would be C. Using that letter, think of a country whose English name begins with that letter. When you have thought of an animal and a country, scroll down about ten lines and I will try to guess your answers.

...... Please don't look or scroll down.













Was your animal elephant and your country Denmark?

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I had a proof for games like these when i was an undergrad. They mostly all work the same way and everything you need is some finite field mathematics. :)

Never gets old. 9 is a special number when you operate with a 10 as base for your number system because it is in the [-1] equivalence class of these.

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I thought you would know about that but some people are mind-blpwn.

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I studied this kinda of magic / science. Above that i have a German and a Danish passport. What honestly asked answer did you expect ?

That i as a deep purple one give up on a light purple one ? Whe almost got the full array here:

Carswell is an architect, you are a logician, i am driven halfway between logician / debater tending in this moment more to my debater side even though i am ambidextrous. Because i am a snake. The only missing purple card needed here is a real commander. We need a "real" George Washington to keep this argument shortmost.

Do you actually have any idea how mighty a full purple set is ?

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But have you tested it?

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Not yet and I do not plan to, thank you. I do not take SSRIs so do not have suicidal ideation.

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she looks like she needs a good dinner

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Did she land on her hands?