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humans said... and then there was an explanation for the energy carried by light and matter.

ftfy /s

Brilliant post.

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It really seems like we may have reached the limit of human capacity to understand. The 2+2=5 shit is like a program crash. As we get into more and more complex math we need to invent more and more complex explanations until we can't tell the difference between absurdity and brilliance. The next step forward and nonsense are indistinguishable to us.

We are very much in the midst of a dark age. Just like the church, and the religious, destroyed any possibility for advancement in the last dark ages, we have wokenes attacking every scientific advancement today. Biology is racist, sexist, and transphobic. Math is a white supremacist institution. Just forget about the soft sciences. Social media censorship is the modern book burning. BLM is the inquisition.

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Sorry but i don't believe in that. Math as i teach it and was teached it is everything BUT political. In fact in can be a lot of fun. Because it isn't even limited by reality. Reality can be rather boring compared to it imo.

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I don't know which part you don't believe but it seems you are mixing two points together. The first point is that math has reached a point where it is too complex for us to understand so we have started using our imagination to pretend that whatever bullshit a mathematician can come up with is real and valuable. This is a point which you have just proven with this: "Because it isn't even limited by reality." We literally agree that math has left reality behind. Some people want to go off into this world of imaginary, unhinged from reality, math and construct some theory (like string theory) and then claim it is in fact what reality is and everyone who disagrees is the stupid one. Go and do your imaginary math, but don't turn around later and claim it describes reality.

The second point is that all of science is under attack by political and ideological forces, and that is not an opinion. I am not the one who invented the claim that math is a form of white supremacy, that is a claim literally made by mainstream professors, and not challenged by any establishment. It is a fact that wokeness is being pushed everywhere, including math. When there are math questions written with a woke premise like "if the prison population has x amount of black inmates and x amount of white inmates and the general pop has x amount of one and the other by what percentage is the black population over represented" this is reinforcing woke propaganda. This shit is now the norm and if you don't believe that you have once again left reality behind.

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    when math gets as complicated as the image that the OP posted that it is easy to go off into lala land pretty quick

    I can see why someone might say that looking at these equations without any background but I feel the need to point out that these all represent basic concepts in classical and modern physics. Any physics or electrical engineering major will (should) have studied all of this by the end of year one at uni. It's really quite simple once it all comes together but the implications are so unimaginably profound I am getting emotional while typing this.

    I think I have made my point. I agree with you overall.

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      Haha wtf

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      I don't even deny your last conclusion. Maybe i have. Maybe i was never there. Who honestly knows ? "What is the matrix other than electric signals interpreted by your brain ?"

      I'm from "old Europe" Honestly i never gave something about people trying to weaponize mathematics in this political ways because i had a very special educator from which i could learn that this is exactly the wrong way to go. I don't deny having copied his attitude. He called these questions "out of mathematics, ergo trivial in this context" .

      I only play defence when i can see some merit in it so why should i fight who i am ?

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      We only have 3 color sensing structures in our eyes. Red Green and Blue. That means our eyes being flawed organs can only ever tell us about those three colors. But despite that we see more colors than that. In fact the color pink does not exist in reality, it is what our brain invented when we see red and violet in the same space. So with our limited organs we see more color than actually exist. But we also know for a fact that pink does not exist. We know for a fact exactly what frequency every color is. We can measure them all with instrument.

      All of this proves that the idea that the reality we know may not be real because our organs are flawed is bullshit. Our intelligence allows us to know far more than our bodies evolved to show us. We know through science about electrons that we can't see or touch. We know about them so much that we can build radios, xray machines, microwaves, and electric cars and they all work exactly how we expect.

      The entire "reality is a simulation/matrix/multiverse" idea is stupid, wrong, and a waste of time. You are wasting your time on something that will never ever lead to anything productive, and you are sacrificing the possibility that your time could have been used to do something productive. That is exactly what I mean when I talk about how the entire scientific establishment has been subverted with bullshit into being absolutely unproductive. That is why we are in the dark ages.

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      Are you offended by the idea i could have another horizon on this as you have ?

      And it's a quote, btw. I quote whatever i see fit. It is just not up to you to judge what use of my time is productive or not.

      You do your productive things and i do mine. Simple as that, it is.

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      I am offended by the fact that science has come to a screeching halt. That everywhere you look to where the bleeding edge of science should be you find complete bullshit and everyone is mesmerized by it. It's as if everyone who gets to the edge gets hypnotized by a spell, and I am desperately trying to get people to wake up and all I get are zombie responses like this.

      No I am not jealous of you. go back to sleep