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In this video he point out the bumps on the tops of the wings of the plane and it reminds me of two similar phenomenon that I am utilizing in my Bittersweet Seeds story on designs for the graphic novel, but don't get into specifically in dialogue. I recall the concepts profoundly and vividly but don't recall the technical terms so if anyone want's to help me, please chime in.

Years ago I saw a documentary on biomimicry explaining the evolutionary purpose of bumps on the tailing edge of blue whale flippers is to reduce the suddenly ending trailing edge flow shock and minimize turbulence for greater efficiency (could be phrase betterer). Similarly the tail end of an airline jet engine that is "clean" makes MUCH more noise and is a little less efficient compared to a newer "wavy" tailing end that gradually introduces the "shock" while minimizing the turbulance.

Similarly I also saw a documentary about high speed rail and how trains entering and exiting tunnels can create big problems such as sonic booms as the train builds up pressure in the tunnel to exit with a bang from a "normal" tunnel exit, whereas if they build a newer "diffusion" type exit the sonic boom is nullified by the flared opening, the angular exit, and the gradual air pressure release via the skylight-like holes that get bigger toward the end.

TMI Warning:
The commercial at the end is kinda funny, interesting, and good to know as I use those and other similar products. My ass has been cleaner than most for two decades. I've been using flushable wipes since I started going to Burning Man because they're very convenient, very versatile, and the desert can really chap your ass, literally. Also, FYI, most Chapstick is evil and addictive so you need organic non-petroleum based lip balms in the desert. It never occurred to me to use it elsewhere, though I suppose I could have. To sooth I always used medicated powder, for sunburns, chafing, etc.

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I read until the ass whiping.. lol

When I meet God, I am going to ask him two questions: Why relativity ? And why turbulence ? I really believe he will have an answer for the first. Werner Heisenberg

The turbulent flow is interesting because it is hard to simulate with the Navier-stokes flow equations. The equations are an abstraction that are more specialized to leminar flow. To simulate turbulence we have to step away from the old math models. So some scientists cursed the turbulence.

Anyway the bumps and diffusers that you need depend very much on the speed of the movements. I also think that sound reduction via structures will decrease the air resistance that a vehicle encounters (because less energy is turned into sound).

You can even "stop the wind" with walls of a certain size and positioning

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Regarding, "Why relativity?"

As the CIA asset Timothy Leary allegedly said before having his head cut off and frozen, "Why not?"

I mean that jokingly and seriously - why not? Relativity seems to make sense from what I can make of it, from what I've been told, though I can't verify any of the math, etc. Everything except the speed of light. Why the limit? Why can't it be relative and influenced by things like space, density, gravity, time, etc. It was never convincing to me, and the more I am exposed to doubters the more doubt I have in my blind faith in the official narrative. A few instance immediately come to mind:

TED Talk Rupert Sheldrake :

What's left on YouTube of the heavily censored Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

Know More News Christopher Jon Bjerknes:

I can't speak to the veracity of the first guy or the woo he may get into, but I simply really like the ability to question everything, even the fundamentals, like the heavily censored Dr. Andrew Kaufman who questions the very nature of what we believe are "viruses". (Sounds a lot like the old belief in humorism.)

I don't recall which of his appearances on Know More News introduced me to Bjerknes' ideas that Einstein is a fraud, but it also lines up with my skeptical pessimistic world view and the alternative history I've heard about Newton and the Venetians from Webster Tarpley (good on history, not so much on current events) and others. I'm a defiant anti-Zionist but refuse to consider myself an anti-Semite, though I no longer give a shit what labels people may try to attach to me as so many terms are virtually meaningless now. /u/Jesus can tell you more on how Bjerknes may be compromised, but his stuff on Einstein and his first wife is very fascinating if it's all verifiably true - and confirms ideas about the hidden hands of control and manipulation, even into the fundamentals of science.

In looking that up I came across another video below that should cover it (I'll watch it after this), and an interesting description for a seemingly dead torrent that I'll be trying to get. I was hoping to find a "friendly" version of the Bjerkness Einstein book.

Albert Einstein: The Myth, the Plagiarist & the Zionist (1:10:41) ~ Red Ice TV, 2016-02-22

Because I cannot do all the fancy math, and I'd argue that even if I could, I admit my understanding of the Universe is logical to a point but still blind faith in what I've heard, like everyone else.

As for, "Why turbulence?"

To me it seems fundamental though curious, and I wouldn't ask "why" so much as "how". More specifically, "How does thermodynamics along with gravity/pressure vs the vacuum of space, all specifically tie back in with electromagnetism and radiation?" We know that it does, but we don't yet have a unified theory. I had some excellent discussions about this on Quora 4 or 5 years ago before they banned/deleted me/all my work for no given reason (I was a leading "expert" on the NWO and 9/11).

Very neat video! TIL.

Oh, I almost forgot to include two other semi-related ideas...

I know I saw it about 10 years ago but couldn't find it. Everyone knows that a good clean aerodynamic paint job on your car helps with fuel efficiency, but Porsche had made an intentionally micro-bumpy surface on their car to create a vapor barrier of sorts that was even better/faster/more efficient. These bumps obviously need to be precise and clean too. I don't know what key words I'm missing.

For more efficiency: Air Lubrication for Cruise Ships - The Silverstream® System, can also be used on large cargo ships, etc. as traveling through air has much less drag than traveling through water. (Enough bubble can sink a ship!)

TMI Warning:
Once you try wet wipes, you'll never just settle for paper again.

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The real Carswell again ;)... Two old souls flirting... again ... Watch me whistling my melody again. You can resmell it, come on.

Maybe we hire you this time / buy your skillset. Do you like designing web-front-ends to a custom-tinkered-back-end ? Decentralized ?

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I don't understand. Are you the user who started /s/StreetArt then deleted their account? They were mysterious, as have been a couple others.

I am very intrigued. I love open-source and decentralization but can't do much beyond graphic design, and recommend ergonomics, GUI layout, and functionality requests. I don't know what the back end is doing nor how, other than the results.

Message me and be clear. I don't do games nor solve puzzles without a clear end goal. I have taken up chess again lately though.

I'm not really interested in finding work. I just need focus to finish my first draft. Then I aim to recruit help when folks can see my grand plan and hopefully it will not only make sense but be worthy of support. Also, I plan to help WikiSpook and my local Green Party on many levels soon. However, I could be persuaded to try to fit in your project if I'm inspired by it.

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Let's try chess together first, i really like this idea of yours. Since i don't even wanna know, which languages your are familiar with, i suggest, you suggest a platform for us and suggest a chess mode: Blitz, "live" rts with a clock or E-Mail OR any other mode, as you see fit.

I'm a blitz-fan and like to keep my elo hidden even to myself bc. i'm only interested in its for myself. And my chess skillset is quite rusty.

I just don't give a crap about winning in a board game, bc. i'm a knowledge-seeker and riddle-solver (and have developed a deep sense of respect of the time of other humans and my own). and not a might-person, that's how i define the proud part in my ego. Since i'm deep with my head into math, i hope that i can show you (more like: give you back in return for your help or doing things you define as work for yourself, because you don't love doing them so much) some of my best definitions of things (if you wanna tackle them with logic) , because this is where the 1% of my personal pure creativity is hidden.

I believe i can redefine our minds but not in a philosophical, but rather more stricter sense, by optimizing (mainly shortening) the paths thoughts take. That is why i loved you multi-meta-level memes so much. This is like EXACTLY feeding my personal definition of creativity.

BUT: I'm also a tinkerer and kind of paranoid ( is a wonderful shield, that was made by some modern giants to EXACTLY fit into my head) so you need to gain my trust as a requirement, before i really can start to show you my (defined as secret) tinkering stuff. It's quite wholesome, i feel relatively sure, that you WILL like it, especially when i can sense, that i'm ready to introduce you to my close friends.

But this one takes A LOT of time (in your definition of it) , because i adapted even my lifestyle to never see my big ideas, plans or definitions false-labelled or misused AGAIN.

I feel like: This a plan, you could also start to like. You could also tell me (maybe per private msg., if you prefer) which flavour of blockchain you'd accept as payment, so i can start to mine or buy them, please.

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No news.... but thanks anyway.

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I don't understand.