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Librarians are analysts or information collectors

Everyone can be a librarians. The idea is that they keep track of information and order it.
I realize that the concept of a librarian is much more complex.

Almost all people are shifting information around, and not really adding new information.
How many people are really witnesses themselves?
And how many are changing/selecting the information to push their own opinion/agenda.

A lot of people are analyzing the information (like James Corbett). Most people are not so good at it. I think I should look better at the different roles.

What about crazy people?

I have now a FlatEarther posting nonsense to me.
Out of context.(It is called forum sliding).
Where do I place him?
Personally I think that he is a troll/agent, but you never know.

In similar sense we have: Qanon sheep, Antifa-fascists,
NeoNazi-Trolls, Men pretending to be female, activists, etc.


With viewpoints, I mean that you have some assertions in one viewpoint that you keep in the articles or replies.
People often have ideas that are hard to talk about, like religious dogmas or scientism blindness.
So instead of letting them discuss with each other, I thought it would be nice to have them each build their own logical basis.
And you can add replies or questions "in the viewpoint" of the original poster.
(Or add a different viewpoint in a different branch.)

The idea is that people can have discussions within their own logic system.
And can switch from one logic system to the other.

If a person's logic system becomes too complex or too weird, the person can change his mind. And go for a better logic system.
My idea is that people can go from dogmatic to a bit more open minded.