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Having relocated this discussion (cc /u/d3rr, /u/fschmidt), I'm responding to this new OP's second comment...

I don't think I really have much more profound to contribute on the what's covered in this OP.

I've briefly outlined in my first Phoenix Forum post about planning for the future - all of which can certainly be dissected in detail, but I have some other pitches to compile and present too. I'm not a programmer at all - but I can speak more on the other 5 of its 6 vectors and I could animate a previsualization to inspire folks and leave those capable to actually build it.

I don't demand a blockchain, especially if impractical or pointless, but I do have certain criteria that a next-gen forum MUST include or I'm simply not interested in working on anything that isn't striving for it's maximum potential considering all of our freedom is at stake against the corporatocracy and their inevitable strong A.I. Obviously not all "modules" need be immediately active, but we should try to anticipate things in framing the architecture - plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fiber, etc.

  • Decentralization (and "bridging" to other non-forums like WikiSpooks, PeerTube, etc)
  • Open full archiving/backup/sharing (download, torrent, etc)
  • Strong search
  • Strong categorization (metatags, categories, etc)
  • Crypto/rewards
  • Many more I've forgotten (I need sleep, didn't get much last night)