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Though his publication methods were beyond redemption, it's an eerie (weirdly worded is some instances) projection of our current state.

With the recent mentions in the MSM but the lack of discussion about his manifesto I thought it should be up more prominently to read.

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Interesting read. It's such a shame they did all those experiments on him at Harvard that basically made him become an angry recluse. He had some clear ideas, but obviously very bad methods.

Where did the "una" prefix come from in unabomber? I just realized I don't know that

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Before his identity was known, the FBI used the acronym UNABOM (University and Airline Bomber) to refer to his case, which resulted in the media naming him the "Unabomber".

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Ah, so that's why it's not "unibomber". The A is for airplanes. Thanks!