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    Its because I'm not a bot lol

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    It's against the rules for one user to have multiple accounts that are upvoting to artificially raise a post (aka sockpuppets). Manipulation is bad, multiple account is not. It's even more obvious when they all have the same number of votes.

    Crossposting in topical subs is allowed though, only because they don't have metatags, categories, or anything like that. Crossposting does not necessarily mean more eyes will see it. We're supposed to keep the crossposts to a minimum, but all too often I have a hard time determining which topical subs the posts belong in.

    DecentralizeAllThings is not about farming, unless you're talking about breaking up corporate farming monopolies over the land, crops, stock, and distribution networks.

    Some subs related to growing, food, health, etc:

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    I only have one account. I'm pretty sure other people upvoted this...unless there's something idk about how this website works.

    Not sure what gave you the idea I was a bot lol

    Furthermore, my posts get a lot of positive attention. Idk who you are but unless you are the official gate keeper here you should check your own self importance lmao

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    " Its because I'm not a bot lol "

    At best this is a vague answer to the question "Who keeps upvoting this stuff to the front page, despite all bot protection?." It can be interpreted that you are responsible for the votes and human or not responsible for the votes and human.

    If you don't know then at least three of us are perplexed by this voting abnormality. I never suggested you were a bot, though I was wondering about sockpuppet accounts.

    I like your content despite the shaky camera giving me motion sickness (but that's on me) and I find it a refreshing change of content. It deserves positive attention but the abnormal spike is certainly unusual. While this is very uncommon, it has happened before.

    " Idk who you are but unless you are the official gate keeper here you should check your own self importance lmao "

    Putting LMAO at the end does not make your attempt at an insult funny, especially when you don't know who you're talking with. We should be allies despite your poor first impression. SaidIt is run by one guy, magnora7. There's no shortage of trolls and scams about so the community is partially responsible for telling him about problems unless they want this place to rot out in chaos. That's why we police our own. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and a chance to correct before I call him in for whatever reason. He is the only gatekeeper, judge, jury, and executioner. It's most certainly not how I would manage things, but that's his prerogative. I don't need to be important nor pretend to be as my record stands for itself, goofs and all. I have no need to prove anything to you, but if you're curious I could list off a bunch of shit I've done on and for SaidIt. Perhaps you'll even be interested in some of my many new interactive projects I'll be sharing soon.

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    I thought it was being insinuated that I was a bot to be protected against.

    I'm not reading all of that I have actual things to do lol

    Edit s/permaculture was made by me as a community for this content btw.

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    Look at the top comment in this comment section. It's by a user named "upvoter". They have many accounts on here and I fell for one of their role-playing posts. I don't know who's a real user on this site anymore versus who's a troll. Maybe even one of the admins.

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    I'm sure this site is a dumpster fire lol

    We'll see how long it lasts lol

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    Yeah. I'm starting to lose faith in this place. I found your content, though, and subscribed to your YT channel.

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    Glad to hear! I function for the appreciators. Everyone else can go enjoy themselves. :)

    I post around FB, ruqqus, reddit ( I moderate 5 new subreddits over2000 people among them) and facebook!

    Check the channel description on youtube if you ever want to get ahold of me! Thanks for reaching out my friend :)