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I don't have a study but if you don't know, there are tons of web analytics packages also tracking your mouse movements. They can tell by how you scroll if you're engaged in the content or not. So it's happening on many ecommerce sites, etc.

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Wow good point, I know reddit just went to that model. Any way to block it?

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know what games you play

That's a given with time tracking and their "social stuff," but according to a recent news, they're exposed in such a way that Epic can harvest them in the background. And to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional.

You don't own any games for real

As a DRM solution themselves, they can also enforce this idea by denying you from playing if they can't log you in for whatever reason (offline "mode" broken, your account deleted, etc), while claiming it's to fight piracy.

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No I do not game anymore, mostly bc of interest in learning bmx but I lost interest and think the air force made a huge mistake on vetting for drone operators at the time. They prolly knew I wouldn't shoot civs and would know, they want low tier retards who won't figure it out. (toots my own horn a bit hehe)