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I hope we don't. They are a safe port in a storm and our beef wasn't and shouldn't really be with Reddit to begin with, (much less Saidit.) They acted as expected when our enemies and traitors began mass reporting us.

We're supposed to be about da yuma and sometimes we forget that.

Our fight against the pedophilic Cumias is just, and our battle against the plagiarist blowhard Tomlinson are good and just and right.

I talked to this Vigte guy and he is an unrelated user here, he told me this site values a higher brand of discourse. Not personal attacks and name calling, but strong debate and presentation of evidence.

And I think we're capable of that. I think being crass all the time makes it easy for outsiders to judge us guilty along with our enemies.

We got to do better fam.

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pee pee

pee pee vagina

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and our battle against the plagiarist blowhard Tomlinson are good and just and right.

We must never forget this, even in times like these

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What higher discourse is there than posting a picture of a faggot and writing FAGGOT?

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I just ignored the name calling threads. Just didnt interest me but I wasnt going to bitch about it.

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Quit being such a faggot, you faggot.

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We've been expelled from one hundred and nine subreddits already but I have a good feeling about this place.

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This place is so small the admin personally knows about this sub already. We're fucked.

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We'll do what we can with what The Good Lord has provided for us

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Faggot Reddit admins didn't even message when to let me know my fawkin' subreddit was being shutdown. They really motherfucked me. /r/scorch was my baby!

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We can't have nice things. We're like a pack of rabid Nigels and if this place gets shut down it'll be our own fault.

Seriously though I hope it does last. Much better than that other site that's full of know.