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Not sure what is funny about this?

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Hey man, can you repeat that? Your post isn't coming through properly.

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go back to plebbit faggot

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fuck you internet losers, i'm going outside. have fun with your screentime, you waste of fucking life. What's that? I think I hear your mom calling you from upstairs saying your grilled cheese is done. Better finish masturbating to Sailor Moon(I actually don't know what's in with losers these days) before it gets cold so you can make it back to WoW in time to slay some serious ogres. Fucking loser children using language so far outside of their real world experience it is fucking stomach turning. Do you realize "faggots" are literally murdered daily for being "faggots", do you realize "niggers" are literally murdered daily for being "niggers"? you fucking ignorant piece of shit. I can't wait until "Internet Losers" start getting lynched for saying stupid shit to which are ignorant of the real world implications. You're a fucking idiot and a fucking loser.