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It's not exactly what you're looking for, but I recommend this list of reddit alternative sites (that d3rr made and maintains):

That has some links to some great obscure sites that sometimes have interesting content you wouldn't see elsewhere.

Also I recommend for tech news, but I'm not sure if that qualifies as obscure or not. actually has interesting articles these days, but not many of them. But I do sometimes see stuff there I never see elsewhere.

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thank you, I'll check those out. and thanks for you and d3rr's work on this site, really enjoying it so far.

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Glad to hear it! Oh I also recommend checking out saidit's peers at and, which are probably among the best on that redditalternatives list

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I've been on ruqqus for a bit, but I don't see the same potential you guys have. The reddit model is fundamentally sound, and ridiculously efficient at aggregating content/pulling people together. Reddit's many problems have been self-inflicted; I think as long as you guys continue to sanely administrate this place it could be big in no time at all. Ruqqus's changes don't feel like innovations so much as change for the sake of change. That being said my hope is ruqqus becomes the fun/meme haven, and saidit becomes the ideas hub, that both sites together fill the void spez seems determined to vacate

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WTF!?! Seems like they're censoring alternatives and solutions too!

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