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I'm gay and I wasn't abused as a child.

Besides, there are a lot of straight people were abused as kids and are still straight. Most straight people weren't abused, and most gay people weren't abused.

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I think it's more of a epigenetic cause. I work in social work/mental health. The majority of gay people I have worked with and know have had some sort of trauma as a child. But you are correct that it is not all. It's just my antidotes.

But back to the epigenetic, a individual might have been abused as a child. Sometimes as a copping mechanism they become attracted to the same sex if ( especially if the abuser was the opposite). Back when being gay was more taboo the abused individual would stay in the closet and get married have kids etc. But the gene was passed down to the children (or the generation after if skipped) even though there was no abuse after.

So even if a gay individual didn't experience abuse, somewhere in their lineage before them there was.

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There seems to be a correlation between having parents with cluster b personality disorders and being gay.

It's thought that being gay is due to the mother having an autoimmune reaction so the baby gets the wrong amounts of testosterone.

Suffering childhood trauma makes you more likely to have autoimmune problems and most cluster bs have that.

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Interesting, so the combination of a autoimmune reaction and childhood trauma can cause a higher likelihood of being gay. I wonder what environmental factors correlate to the autoimmune health, particularly the hormones. If certain places have a higher likelihood of somebody being gay. As well with the trauma being a catalyst.