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Writing in the journal, the pair say that "anal intercourse is considered a risky sexual behaviour because of its association with alcohol, drug use and multiple sex partners".

No, you fucking putz, it's considered a risky sexual behavior because it involves sticking things in your asshole.

Muh experts.

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Smegma is carcinogenic. The vagina has a microbiome to deal with that, the colon doesn't.

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I feel certain you could find something carcinogenic in the human rectum if you devoted even a little effort to it.

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Sure lots, but that's no reason to introduce more.

Lots of mouth cancer happens for the same reason.

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    My mother didn't let me take the vaccine when doctors came to my school and trying to vaccinate my classmates because she had to pay for it. So who knows why other people don't let their kids get vaccinated.