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Those supremacists, they won't stop trying to take over.

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Throw the fucking book at em!

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The Colbert Show constantly shills for the establishment.

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Daily Mail being an extremist propaganda rag (it wasn't an attempted coup by any standard, ffs)

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Daily Mail being an extremist propaganda rag (it wasn't an attempted coup by any standard, ffs)

Lol, that wasn't actually their headline, I may have massaged it a bit to make it more salacious 😅 (They should pay me to write these things)

Was just being ironic and having a little fun

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Oh - I see - but that is a typical Dail Mail headline. You obviously write much better then them.

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Crusty, I am actually kinda curious about Daily Mail. Ive been visiting them a while because they are not paywalled and often have stories too trashy for other outlets. As you say they appear to be a conservative rag in many ways (anti-biden anti-trans), but I also see them consistenly advocating for abortion rights and gun control, and other issues I would characterize as left - which are not positions that you would see from American conservative rags like the NYPost which otherwise often features some of the same stories. Kind of curious what you make of Daily Mail and conservatism in general in Britain, because this paper is definitely biased, but it doesn't quite follow either of the accepted party lines here in the US

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I think the problem here is a difference between British authoritarianism and US authoritarianism. In the UK, gun restrictions are normal and favored, as is national healthcare (NHS), which assists with family planning, and if necessary, abortions in the 1st trimester. These last two approaches are similar to those elsewhere in Europe and many civilized countries. By contrast, the US is more exploitative of the 99%, by using Protestantism against them in late stage capitalist maneuvers. But the Tory Party and newspapers owned by the owner of the Daily Mail have learned a lot from US politics, which inspired Brexit, which lifts regulations and ethics laws, so that a corrupt bribary system can also develop in the UK. Enter Jonathan Harmsworth and his Daily Mail, the Evening Standard, Metro, and other news media that have been controlled by Jonathan's family, and partially responsible for keeping the Tory party in power. The result is a grifting and gleaning of the working classes by the wealthy. One can read more about it here:

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This family is some sort of feudal lords I see, lol. Interesting to see how conservatism has a slightly different flavor in Europe and UK than the US. Thanks for explaining the economic and social context around British politics, very interesting.

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blushes oh stop, youre flattering me