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Fantastic. Undervoted. I will repost.

/u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot are obviously shills of this cult.

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/u/socks and /u/ActuallyNot are obviously shills of this cult.

no, thats just crazy talk! responses to this will be great, but they wont happen.

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Occasionally in the world there's a pandemic. With the increased population there's increased opportunity for aggressive strains of infectious diseases to emerge.

There was quite a dangerous one in 2019-2020. Some people are not vaccinated so face risk from some variants still in late 2021.

None of this is magical. It's just the biology of epidemiology in a world of 8 billion people.

You seem to think a list by some cockwomble about why the facts of the recent pandemic should be treated as false demands some sort of response. There's no science there. What response is needed?

Are you expecting some comment about the geopolitics of glavset misinformation designed to damage the people and economies of the west?

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"Irrational Belief that a Version of the Flu with no or mild symptoms in most people is a thread to humanity"

I don't think it's a threat to humanity. But it's killed 5,000,000.

And done long term damage to many more.