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Not all of them are obvious. The obvious asstrolls are just distractions. While the other infiltrators might rightfully say how lame and obvious they are while making friends and building confidence to do more severe damage later. Like it or not, DiogenesJunior and others may be associated with them. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but I wouldn't ever run a psyops on only one level were I in that racket.

Then again, most cops are stupid, or they'd see the error of their ways. So too, half of everyone is stupider than average. Combined it makes for humour. At Burning Man the narcs were ALWAYS easy to tell from far away, dressing and acting weird to blend in, but doing so poorly that they were more than obvious. Though I have to give credit, a story I heard and did not witness, there was a narc at Burning Man who wore a "NARC" T-shirt and people thought it was a costume and were stupid enough to offer him stuff - and got busted.

You're right about the muzzle virtue signalling, "we're all in this together" - except the corporatocracy who's leaving everyone screwed.

Yes, I wonder about the online trust network too. There must be a way or many ways to resolve this dilemma.

Decentralized empowerment of the individual may be a good path to explore.


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Yea, they're more obvious to folks like you and I who have been here. The stupid ones didn't work too well, and it seems the game has been stepped up a bit.

I try not to get to worried about it. We are in a chaotic time where this is commonplace. I think it's best to stay true to one's self even if the mob and everyone else is against it.

Real trust is earned by action, not by rhetoric or perception.

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best to stay true to one's self


Real trust is earned by action, not by rhetoric or perception.

Double wisdom.