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idk about truther music, its more along the line of 1960's doomporn music lol

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True dat.

I mean, Doom dat.

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Yeah not really truther music, it has nothing to do with 9/11

Jason, you realize it doesn't just mean "one who seeks the truth" it has a specific meaning of someone who is trying to expose the truth about 9/11. Google it

Also it has a pretty bad connotation, because it's been associated with nutjobs in the media, similar to the phrase "conspiracy theorist". I would recommend not using it, especially if it has nothing to do with 9/11

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I literally wrote the definition. Several times. On the Wikipedia disambiguation page and the Wictionary page.

Of course they've been censored. I was banned from Wikipedia for a year for being "another polite truther". On March 15, 2018, I was not ironically banned from Wictionary for "tinfoilhattery" when I literally added "tinfoilhattery" as one of the synonyms among others.

As it is now:

And my last version:

My expanded version:

I was willing to let them whittle some of it down, but they wouldn't have any of it.

I didn't even get into Sandy Hook Truthers or Boston Bombing Truthers or any of that.

Truther doesn't have to be just about 9/11. They've tried to weaponize it but I refuse to let them.

Maybe the content of this song isn't about the 9/11 Truth Movement but it doesn't mean it's not good for members of the movement or their playlists. For example, every August Corbett does his truther playlist.

Sex has "been associated with nutjobs in the media," and I'm not swearing off that.

I'm embracing it. Fully. Sex and trutherism, though maybe not at the same time. Weird right?

If you can find a peace and anti-corruption movement with a clever name, lemme know.

Whatever word(s) we choose they will spin it.

If you're not a truther then you must be a liar. (Not really, but it's like, "If your not with us then you're with the terrorists" rhetoric.)

Speak truth to power. Or sing it.

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But you've put 3 definitions when only 1 of them is in the minds of 99% of people. You can't just act like you can use the different definitions interchangeably and everyone is going to be going along with you mentally

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This is what's there now, that "they" accept as a "truther" definintion: 1) (US, colloquial) Someone who tells the truth. 2) (colloquial, chiefly US) Someone who believes that the US government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. 3) By extension, a conspiracy theorist who does not believe the accepted story about some significant event, fact, etc.

If I remember I'll try to change it every Ides of March.

I prefer "seeks and shares the truth" to "tells the truth" (as they see it), but whatever. #2 is vague, incomplete, and not entirely accurate. And #3 is similiarly limited, omitting skepticism of authority, including the media.

Not everyone on SaidIt is a "truther" and they don't need to be, but most know all of these limited definitions and their unspoken expanded concepts.

Which one(s) don't you like?

What term would you prefer?

Antidisestablishmentarianism is a long word that doesn't roll off the tongue easily. Neither does "Anticorruptioner music".

I used to say SaidIt was for truthers or whatever. Now I say SaidIt leans against corruption, rather than left or right. The latter part optional. That's because you gave me a better blanket word that works. You haven't offered me an alternative.

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That's the one I prefer over all others.

But like anti-corruption it doesn't really translate or cover the spectrum. "Truth-seeking music" doesn't jive well either. That's also partly why, so far as I know, I coined "Trutherism".

There's a "Truth-Seeker" YouTube channel that has a guy reading and reviewing news. It's much like how Zoon Politikon and others do it, but she does more and we see her face half the time. They're certainly on target 99% of the time and they're very good, getting better incrementally, but not great (yet). I haven't watched in about 8 months when I did a big cut-back. Everytime I hear or think "truth-seeker" I think of his alias and that show. I wouldn't say it's ruined the word, but because his low-budget daily news review show, on very good content, but too long winded and scattered with amateur random things - the word is slightly tainted and less "fresh".

On a plus note, he's done web projects and may be receptive to collaborating on stuff. I'm gonna reach out to him, as I've done with others, to see if we might cross over fans and resources.

Actually, turns out there's a FUCKTONNE of them :

And I'd forgotten Jesus is the Truth and the Light and the Way so there's a lot of that too.

God damn!!! There are so many you'd think it was a psyop. Or maybe this truth thing is a rare commodity and everyone is after it. I wonder if there are as many "Gold-Digger"s as there are "Truth-Seeker"s?

Dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens and I didn't even reach the end of them.

So I actually bothered to look in my list of 987 subscribed channels and he's #1 as "#SeekingTheTruth"

I always get him mixed up with the Aussie Ed and his channel, "The Outer Light" He's also got "The Outer Dark" which was rarely used and apparently "Esoteric Detective".

I've posted a comment invite to each, whether they notice or not is another thing.