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Updated chat is live!

  1. Your two tab use case is fixed... in the first tab you will see that you joined a new channel, it will pop onto the blue bar channel list, but you will not switch to it. (This will be essential for having sidebar chat, and then a summoned chat in a comment, so you called this one.)

  2. The chat widget now mostly smoothly handles login and logout. Before it would throw a fit and you got stuck as a guest. So this is a new user use case that needed to work, now it does.

Sidebar chat soon! I think i'll keep the code around for the chat in a post thing we have now, just in case, maybe like a megathread chat.

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Fantastic work! I was worried we'd never resolve #1, that's a pretty big deal. I'm super happy to see it work so flawlessly now. Nice job with the second one as well.

Definitely leave the main chat code for now, good idea. I might be wrong, but it'd be cool if we could just expand the "chat_post_enable" command work in posts that aren't announcements, and then also in comments that aren't posts. Perhaps renaming the command to something more general like "live_chat_enable" if possible.

We can have both sidebar and post/comment chat available simultaneously and then get rid of one as people see fit. Or maybe the sidebar chat could be an option to enable in the subreddit settings, eventually.

Anyway, great work! Things are progressing nicely