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I hope Keanu says no to any wokeness and hopefully quits if not. They're going to ruin this like every other super hero film by focusing on sexuality and race as if it was that important for a sci-fi, not to mention Keanu is gay (I think), so wokeness points should be enough but not in today's standard of grown men suing beauty salons for not shaving their balls.

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The Matrix trilogy is not a superhero story.

And the most sex/sexuality/gender focused thing the Wachowskis made is and it was/is better than most series, if the not best since it came out up until this date.

Keanu is gay (I think)

Why do you think that?

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The Matrix trilogy is not a superhero story.

It's a Messianic prophecy story.

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I don't agree.

The oracle is/was the perfect daughter of 'MK Ultra'/mind control/manipulation of the human psyche. She led the previous emergence(s) of the One to the path of 'Saving Zion' (aka kill all of zion and select from the matrix a new starting population ) and the one returning to the source (aka coredumping itself so the machines (and the oracle) can dissect it and see why that One didn't accept the Matrix and improve the Matrix).

The oracle even says at the end she didn't know what would happen, she pushed neo to Specific love of one (trinity) instead of the one always having a love for humanity.

Now the whole 'the one' thing is the joke (There is no spoon) the oracle has always been playing on the architect ("He can't see past one choice"). The concept of 'the one' made the architect be on the lookout for it and create a whole procedure of what would happen when it was encountered.

When Neo 'started' to believe was when the matrix would bend seemingly to his will, while in fact the matrix is designed to keep humans "accepting" the matrix, this 'believing' of Neo is him not accepting the matrix while still wanting to accomplish something in the matrix this led the matrix to try to make Neo conform/accept the matrix but the only way for Neo to accept the matrix at that point is to do what he does. The Matrix bends itself around the spoon to try to make the spoon real because that's all it knows what to do.

There is no One. Neo is just a cool bloke, like the 'Mister Nobody'-meme who increasingly comes to terms with the Tao.

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I thought I heard he was, ultimately don't care, which is why I'm not sure. Just pointing it out because it would "count" as woke point I guess, but in recent trends it's definitely not enough, they will cast a gay, handicap, woman of color. And yeah I agree it's not super hero but I fear it would be treated just like recent super hero movie trends.

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I hope Keanu says no to any wokeness and hopefully quits if not

I have a different perspective, it's not that wokeness ruins movies, I suspect some times they go woke when the movie lacks substance and/or they expect it to flop, that way they can put out a flop and say it wasn't their fault it failed.

They get a flop on the resume and an excuse to go with (it got brigaded by the alt-right) when that movie never had a chance to succeed.

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Yeah this is the case with news media, and I guess it can also be the case with entertainment. I heard new Star Trek was basically doing this for attention, but at the same time the producers are already politically minded and even admit they're not huge fans of the content and just want to promote some message.

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Another franchise reboot, what could go wrong...

My guess is that it's another cash grab, gonna ruin another franchise and then they'll blame it on viewers.

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I don't see it rebooting though?

I can easily see this becoming like Twin Peaks Season 3.

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Would have been interested if it was a reboot without the Wachowskis involved. If I sniff out any of the BS that was in the sequels, I'm out. Everything about Zion was THE WORST.

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ach jèe, stijve piemel zeker 😄