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Roided vs Not. We walked away from the turbo roided up aesthetic. Ish. There's still obvious steroid usage within a lot of male actors, but it's been toned down to look more realistic. Body standards for what is considered aesthetically pleasing change over time, and I'm honestly not sure who creates these trends. I haven't met any women that really like that ultra low body fat, turbo muscular look-- but those older action movies weren't really made with women in mind. Look at women's magazines from the 60s til now, and you see obvious changes there for women too. Maybe society hit a bigger desire for immersion, and since the 2nd row of body types are more obtainable than the first row?

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Roided vs Not

Exactly. You can't look like that top row without boosting.

haven't met any women that really like that ultra low body fat, turbo muscular look--

I don't think it's really for women's benefit, or sexual since those roids fuck that up, but more about physical power.

I was at a gas station picking up beer, and this tall legged beauty was parked in a handicap parking spot. A dude said "shouldn't you at least walk with a limp." Which is a dick thing to say. And her roided out bf just happened to come out of the store at that moment to hear it. I thought I was about to see a man murdered. Oh he was mad... And I'm not even going to try and break up a fight between a human hill of muscle and some mouthy dude.

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What was wrong with the dudes comment?

I hope I'm never getting the shit beat out of me by a human gorilla with you around.

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Because she could have had any number of issues wrong with her that limit the distance she's able to walk. Unless she was just being a lazy bitch and just parked there without a tag.. in which case everyone involved is an asshole.

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I wouldn't jump to "maybe she has a hidden disability" right off the bat. I would figure her roided bf parked there like an asshole. That's the likeliest event, let's be honest.

I can see where you are coming from, though.

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She was the one driving though, according to the story. Roid guy didn't come into the equation until after the dude made his shitty comment.

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There are invisible disabilities, it's not always apparent why someone needs accomodations.

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I find it hard to believe that applies here, but I see where you are coming from.

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I had ankle surgery in my early 20s. Even after the boot came off I couldn't walk long on it. People were pretty nasty when I had to go shopping in those electric carts. If you look young and healthy they assume you don't really need it, if you're old and fat they assume you're just too lazy to walk. Even using a cane inspired ire.

That was just a temporary situation for me but it made me consider people who have to deal with that constantly. Sure, there's fakers and people taking advantage, but since we can't know without grilling a person about their medical history and we shouldn't do that to the legitimately differently abled people, it goes to reason you shouldn't do it to anyone. At least not over something as minor as a parking spot. Panhandling is a different story.

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Yeah, it's not. I always thought it was more to channel that ultra machismo mental imagery, where Captain Lumps can take on and atomize things with his bare fists and a leg chop.

Lel, he 'dun fucked up. It's pretty shitty that he probably had to feel physically threatened to understand that saying that to someone without knowing their situation is stupid.

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You can argue that CGI is to blame but the reality is that there is a war on men and masculinity. They have gotten so bold that they are now pushing that we are allowed only 4 pounds of beef per year. Why? Because the environment? Actually it is because that is one of the most healthiest things you can eat, saturated fat included, and its nourishment is a threat to establishment forces.

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    I think the point stands and some men are looking less men...Whatever dude if you see it as a buff gay thing then that's you, Charlton Heston and Eastwood and Kirk Douglas could play tough guys without looking like muscle Rambo action stars, they didnt have this Conan sword man shoot 'em up action movie meat thing to them, Jackie Chan can play tough even though he's smaller in stature, he's a martial artist and an expert at performing fight in front of camera. I can accept Ironman or Batman as scifi gadget nerdy people, that's their cartoonish character but I think a tough warrior-ish guy should be in shape when he should play a warrior, they should command an action role. I think the point still stands although it could be argued that Russel Crowe Gladiator and the Thor actor Hemsworth are that classic solider Action hero look, they sometimes have that Roman, Greek, Soviet / US Soldier Warrior look. I do sometimes wonder if they did put something in the water over the years, men are going more feminine while women are going more men-ish what does it say when an old guy like "Chuck" Norris is brought back to play action heroes in the modern movies? The modern Hulk is an almost pure CGI creation, most Marvel is gone CGI.

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    I would need to actually look at studies for this, but here's a news source for removing it from water:

    Also, low testosterone is an issue that's plaguing men across continents-- and that includes areas that may not use this herbicide, and cultures where eating foods produced with it may not be culturally common. Look into phthalates though.

    According to this site, it's not illegal in the EU.

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    There's also a correlation between low sperm count in Men, the transition of male to female amphibians and 17α-Ethinylestradiol (EE2- an estrogen) in our waters. EE2 is an active agent in most birth control pills and difficult to remove from our waters.

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    And to add to this, if you look at gay population centers in the USA along with an atrazine spill map, you'll find larger gay populations near atrazine spills.

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      Yep - one of the trends since the late 80s has been to favor the "new age sensitive guys" over the traditional tough guys, and indeed some of these "beefcakes" had to take on "new age sensitive guy" roles in 90's movies. There were also women in the late 80's-early 90s were also missing the old early 70's Clint Eastwood type, and lamenting the trend for the "new age sensitive guy". Economies have also shifted to favoring "thinking" professions, so the entertainment industry wants to attract the new demographic. But if one truly misses these beefcakes from the 80s, they should at least admit that they like or admire the muscular male body, even if it's not necessarily for sexual reasons.

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      False equivalency.

      How about Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, etc? And that's just from one franchise. That's if you want to compare action hero beefcakes.

      From the 80s you could have selected 80s dramatic actors Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Dustin Hoffman, etc. to compare to those contemporary dramatic actors.

      Yet, the war on men is real. We don't need fake memes to prove it.

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      The reason the action heroes turned progressively effete in physique isn't because they choose guys who don't use steroids and bodybuild. It's because most of the guys you hear being approached to do movies over the last decade or so quietly refuse to provide the media machine with blackmail fodder by raping and murdering children, fornicating with male prostitutes, or degenerate media execs.