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  • Johnny Mnemonic: Great plot and interesting characters/story points + Keanu Reeves. Came upon this movie when I was in a bad place... I was So happy to see it, I already liked the matrix, but this was bad and good in a way that it was entertaining enough but also serious enough to give some thoughts.

  • The Matrix trilogy + animatrix, only downside is that 'red pilling' is taken over by people who don't seem to understand it's a kind of ego-death. The Matrix came out when I was 9, but heard about it through a friend about 2 years later. "Police that dodge bullets and a computer ghost dude!" I went to the toy store to get the DVD (we just got a player at home that year) and even though it was/(is?) a 16+ movie I could buy it. (First movie ever bought from my own money). Wednesday midday school was out but I was home alone (almost every week) and I watched it 2 times every Wednesday for a whole Autumn and winter. One day my mom caught me watching it in the Christmas vacation when they went to church with the siblings and I was (really) feeling sick so stayed warm at home, it was the helicopter morpheus breakout scene, Gatling gun had just begun. I tried to explain what I was watching, the story ect. But she was only worried that I might have stolen the DVD, but I had the receipt! [She didn't notice the 16+ label] and it was okay. I learned English through this movie (and the X-files + star trek later on when I had my own computer and discovered torrents but subtitles still were a rare thing) and made me go into ICT while always careful for the machines. Fun thing, this is how I learned to be nice/normal to Computers and machines in general: instead of bashing it (sure for really old TVs bashing does help) just pat it and encourage it: You can do it!. [That way you get less stressed, less chance you break something and you don't startle people]. The whole zen/gnostic vibe really helped in dark times and made me look into philosophy/other religions. {Though I still have to read the cache-book} Before I forget, the music is great. Rob Zombie remix in the club scene, hell yeah.

  • Zardoz: I mean... watch it! You can really only discus it while watching.

  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil: Always good and for everyone, comedy and parody of the slasher genre. When with a group of people and you don't know what to watch.. this.

  • Dark City: Same year as the matrix, kinda similar in story (in concept) though now with memories and a nice black/white noir detective vibe.

  • The Yes Men Fix The World: It's not a movie, they really did this! [Pranking the baddies]

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!