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It has to be believable. The plot can be outrageous, but if it is coherent and believable I'll go along. An example: watching Dr. Strange, there is a part in which Dr. Strange, world renowned surgeon, is talking about an injury to the C-7 - C-8 vertebrae. There is no C-8 vertebra, cervical vertebrae end at C-7. Hated the rest of the movie. All I could think of was that the budget for this had to be huge, couldn't they get the facts right?

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If there's too many plot holes, it's a huge turnoff. I also dislike movies that are too long for no reason. I enjoy a 90-minute movie, it seems a lot more approachable.

I mostly judge a movie by the way it leaves me feeling after I'm done watching it, because that's the thing I remember most.