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PeerTube can handle everything but 6 (chat), and if you use your own instance no one can do a DMCA takedown. Peer to peer streaming will keep it fast for everyone.

Edit: since there's some interest in PeerTube as a solution, I'll add that running your own PeerTube instance will set you back $5/mo. for up to 25gb of videos.

A free but DMCA susceptible solution is to just upload the video to BitChute or PeerTube (someone else's instance) or another platform and assume that they won't take it down for 24h at which time movie night will already be over. But you know what they say- if it is to be, then it's up to me.

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    Rather saidit's chat or matrix or IRC or carrier pigeons.

    Discord is a cancerous growth that has a tumor.

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    Yeah you could do whatevs and post a link to the official chat on the video page. Or you could do a 15m PeerTube hack and embed whatever chat you wanted on that video page. (I don't think discord has embed-able chat but I don't keep up with it).

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    Discord isn't that good of a platform anyway, so I think IRC would be best.

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    We could use Saidit chat.

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    There's a SaidIt channel on Discord:

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    Why does running PeerTube set you back anything?

    Although, for what it's worth, I think Saidit should look into a public performance license, and only allow Saidit users to access the stream. Then (IANAL, but I think) it'll be perfectly legal to host the movie nights, since it's effectively a (decentralised, in the case of PeerTube) closed-circuit distribution platform.

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    Because the standard solution is either shared hosting or VPS?

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    Saidit already has hosting.

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    Ok, I misunderstood then. I think @d3rr is saying that other people can host their own peertube for 5 buckaroos on their own VPS and never offered to host it on saidit.

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    Oh, ok. That makes sense.

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    Why does running PeerTube set you back anything?

    Yes SaidIt could technically host a PeerTube instance but CPU for transcoding and storage space are not trivial and this isn't our core mission or even on our roadmap. If we openly ran this stream it seems a bit risky.

    Why does it cost someone something? Because PeerTube is federated and doesn't rely on some pie in the sky ICO that will be deader than shit in 12 months. People actually own and control their instances and data.

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    Yeah; isn't PeerTube awesome?

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    running your own PeerTube instance will

    make you personally liable for whatever copyrighted material you upload and share?

    Rather be a small fish in the sea than the whale in the pool.

    A free but DMCA susceptible solution is to just upload the video to BitChute or PeerTube (...) at which time movie night will already be over.

    dis. Lowers the virtually non-existent risk even further.

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    So from what I understand this comes down to a peertube instance or BitChute. I'm leaning more towards BitChute atm.

    If worst comes to worst we could just torrent the thing, but I'd really prefer it be a streaming service.

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    You could just find movies that are on YouTube. Not every movie is there, or free, but there are enough. Recently I learned that The Pentagon Wars 1998 is there, and have yet to see it.

    And chat in SaidIt's The Lounge IRC chat.