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"Autism symptoms", I realized I'm not even sure what those are, so I looked them up, and it appears that anyone who is not a generic perfect person (someone who is socially outgoing, well spoken, wholly considerate of others, and does not say or do unusual things) is autistic, to some extent. I think in the city I live in well over half of the population is moderately to very autistic. Who knew that all we had to was put other people's shit inside of us and all of the sudden we'd become normal, well balanced people with great vocabularies and people skills?

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It may be over diagnosed. It is certainly overused by people who know nothing. If you met a genuinely autistic person, you'd probably assume they were mentally retarded due to how strongly the symptoms inhibit natural social interaction.

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I have met such people, but they say it's a "spectrum" now, so I guess we're all free to hop on board.

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Another win for the poopsnake

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I do think it is related to digestive system because it is related to what we eat, which is a lot of food with glysophate in it, from roundup

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It certainly would explain the spike in autism rates over the last few decades, if true.

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Or maybe just too much refined carbohydrate.

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Also water with bleach, chloromine, flouride, lead, prescription drugs, ect.

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In August 2014, CDC whistleblower Dr. Thompson stated that a MMR vaccine safety study conducted by the CDC “demonstrated a causal link between vaccines and autism symptoms.”

The CDC denies this finding.

Does anyone else think the MMR vaccine could be a candidate?