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Considering...7510 US cases and ZERO deaths, you'd have to be fucking insane to inject yourself with that. Not an emergency by any stretch of the imagination, even if you are one of these homosexuals having orgies or whatver the fuck they are doing. Im sure 7500 of them probably have a herpes rash too, and that wont clear up in a few weeks, but I don't hear them declaring an emergency over it

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Evaluation of cardiac adverse events of special interest (AESIs) included any cardiac signs or symptoms, ECG changes determined to be clinically significant [look at the charts and say oh no!] , or troponin-I elevated above 2 times the upper limit of normal [permanent heart damage has occurred]. In the 22 studies, subjects were monitored for cardiac-related signs or symptoms through at least 6 months after the last vaccination

They monitored this for twice as long as the covid jabs by the way, which were approved for emergency use (not fully approved, not fully tested) after 3 months


Cardiac AESIs were reported to occur in 1.3% (95/7,093) of Jynneos recipients and 0.2% (3/1,206) of placebo recipients who were smallpox vaccine-naïve. Cardiac AESIs were reported to occur in 2.1% (16/766) of Jynneos recipients who were smallpox vaccine-experienced. .... An additional 127 cases of asymptomatic post-vaccination elevation of troponin-I above the upper limit of normal but not above 2 times the upper limit of normal were documented .... The clinical significance of these asymptomatic post-vaccination elevations of troponin-I is unknown.

did you catch that? Somewhere between 1.3% and 2.1% of the fags who get this shot are going to have permanent heart damage and we don't know how it will affect them down the road. The permanent heart damage, we don't know how it will affect your long-term health!

None of the cardiac AESIs considered causally related to study vaccination were considered serious.

Oh I guess it's fine then. Carry on. Jab me up, daddy!

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Let's line those butt fuckers up and give them the shots.